Secret sauce of Pipedrive. The interview

Ucha Vekua
Jan 13, 2020 · 7 min read

Estonia is a wonderful place for Startups. There are a lot of great initiatives starting up and becoming a successful tech company in the end. Pipedrive is one of the most successful and famous Startups in Estonia.

Event for team in the office

Recently, I visited their elegant office in Tallinn with my friend Hardik Tank and had a chat with their Talent Acquisition team lead — Mirjam Laurisaar. The Interview was very interesting and very inspiring for me as a person who wants be part of a startup world. You could absolutely feel the startup culture vibes in the office. Every floor of the building was designed in a different theme.

Selfie from the main hall of Pipedrive office

Pipedrive was founded in 2010 and it is the first CRM platform developed from the salesperson’s point of view. Engineers in the company have developed a platform that helps salespeople and teams focus on learning and repeating their most effective process to close deals.

It all started by 5 Estonian founders, who had great mix of backgrounds of Sales, Software Engineering, Startups and Entrepreneurship. They realised that there was a huge gap in the market — they hadn’t found a proper sales management tool that would meet the needs of people doing actual selling. This is where the Pipedrive was born.

As I mentioned above, the interview was very interesting. It gave us great insights about the company and nice overview, of how it feels to work and be part of one of the market leaders in industry.

Let’s get started!!!

Here’s what we talked about:

Pipedrive is a tool which is completely online and it is meant for those people who are somehow connected with sales. The tool gives them overview about their performance so they are in full charge of a procedure.

We were the first ones who came up with the concept of sales pipeline view. There has always been different sales management tools in the market, but what makes us stand out is that, we have very easy approach to manage the sales pipeline, so that people know exactly on what stage they are and what actions they have to make to successfully close the deal.

People of Pipedrive

Everyday life in Pipedrive is a combination of working hard and playing hard. People here take the work seriously but their personalities are not too serious, which also reflects on our everyday life — we are building a great product, take our responsibilities, while having a lot of fun in the workplace with each other.

We always have different guests visiting us and we usually do office tours for them in different departments. They see that in reality we actually do a lot of work:

People here have an internal drive and passion about the company

At the same time, from the management side, we strongly believe that if you give people freedom, then they are much more productive and creative in whatever they do. We always come up with some different ideas about the events to organise in office, this helps us to keep the great atmosphere.

Happy people in the office

In Pipedrive, the hiring procedure is based on two main very broad criteria: Culture fit and a Skillset, that the candidate has. Very often, culture fit is more important than the skillset. Of course, we expect person to have relevant skills and we want them to match with our requirements, but in Pipedrive we think that the candidate should fit into the team well and understand our core values. Actually, we have had cases when a person had great skills, but could not fit into the team.

We strongly believe in value based hiring. That’s why we have 6 core values of the company and we want our employees to believe in them. That’s makes Pipedrive a great workplace.

Keeping the core corporate culture of our company is very important to us. We have a great reputation on the market as an employer and we try to maintain this reputation by implementing our values in everyday life of the company.

Team meet-up

We organise events in the office to bring people together and try to make a friendly office environment for them — we want people to interact and share their life events with each other. There might be some small events such as Movie Nights or a meet-up, but we also try to organise grand events like Summer Days, where the whole company goes offsite for two days to have fun and connect with each other more.

It is very important for us to know that our team members feel good where they are.

Here in Pipedrive, we give people an opportunity to grow internally and change positions, because we believe that this is one of the components, which motivates and challenges our employees. On the other hand, moving from one city to another is based on demands and needs the company has. It also depends on a person a lot. They have to prove us that they are the right people for that particular position and they will bring something valuable to the company with this move.

Mostly, it depends on an initiative employee takes. We give them chances with right motivation.

Pipedrive office in Tallinn

When we advertise our company to the potential employees from other countries, we set the realistic expectations to them. It is very important for them to have the right understanding of where they are going to reallocate themselves.

In terms of software and the product, Pipedrive is the market leader, so we always tell the stories about our product, how we expanded and how is everyday life here. We stand out with our corporate culture and we always try to successfully maintain the Startup mentality that we have here. Also, we have a really well-built internal training system. Our employees are taking good advantages of that, which is quite unique practice in this market.

We value our company and the people behind it. We want them to feel great in the workplace and be happy while doing their job. It really feels that we are like one family in the team, we are close to each other — All of these comes from the fact that we have a very strong corporate culture and we have a data to back it up. Our reputation is high on the market

Pipedrive has been named as the best employer in Estonia

Other than that, there are a lot of talented and very experienced people in the company. We learn a lot from each other and gain valuable experience while working together.

Cool corner in the office

Considering all of these facts, Pipedrive is great place to work in — it’s fun, full of great people and great environment, where you can get valuable experience.

If you don’t take risks in life, you will never get a reward for that. You have to stay optimistic, believe and have ‘no excuse’ attitude. In the most cases, you have to believe in the idea first, if you want others to believe in it too. Otherwise, it will be hard to achieve something.

If we look at the story of Pipedrive: 5 co-founders were the only employees of the company in the beginning and it took them around half a year to get to the first customer, success came after that. So, the persistence is one of the key factors if you want to start and achieve something.


It was very inspiring and engaging for us to do this interview and see how Pipedrive works. I would like to thank Mirjam for finding time and giving us very interesting insights about the company. Thank you!

Ucha Vekua


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Ucha Vekua

Written by

Content Creator — Sharing experiences and Startup Adventures 🚀

Startup Adventures International

We are Startup Adventures - we show how the startup mindset works! In this publication, you can share your startup experiences and tell us about you! Join our community on Facebook 🙌🏼 🚀

Ucha Vekua

Written by

Content Creator — Sharing experiences and Startup Adventures 🚀

Startup Adventures International

We are Startup Adventures - we show how the startup mindset works! In this publication, you can share your startup experiences and tell us about you! Join our community on Facebook 🙌🏼 🚀

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