5 Successful business model

What is a Business Model?

A business model is a logical structure that supports the feasibility of the business. Designing a business model requires deep thought and analysis.

1. Software as a service or SaaS Business Model :

SaaS or Software as a Service business model is a software that is hosted on a cloud infrastructure. Customers pay a subscription fee to utilize the software.

For example Dropbox.

2. Franchise Business Model :

When company creates a unique product, a strong brand, and a replicable business model. Later it sells it to others to own and operate and manage it independently.

For example : KFC is an American fast food restaurant chain. it provides Franchise to open outlet.

3. E Commerce Business Model : E Commerce business model focus on selling products via website or internet and provides platform for buying and selling

For Example : Amazon.com , Alibaba, ebay, olx, and Walmart are some of the big companies that have adopted an e-commerce business model.

4. On-Demand Business Model :

The products & services are easily accessible to the customer in less time. On-demand laundry & dry cleaning service of uber is evolving and demanding

5. Uber Business Model :

Uber runs according to a ‘two-sided’ marketplace business model. The company acts as the middleman or broker between the drivers and those who need a ride. The company earns profits from each transaction, taking a percentage from gross booking.




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