What Startups can learn from a Sushi Chef

Thomas Schranz
Feb 14, 2015 · 6 min read
Jiro Ono, a Japanese chef and owner of Sukiyabashi Jiro

Strive for Perfection

Who defines when something is ‘good enough’? Who cares?

Own your Mistakes

A brief conversation about the ideal thinness of a slice

Manage Expectations

Jiro’s staff working with dedication. Like a clockwork.

Taste your own Cooking

Jiro’s staff tasting their own sushi of the day

Your Suppliers are Part of your Team

The local fish market, an essential supplier that enables the quality Jiro strives for


Jiro’s infinite passion about creating the perfect sushi is what drives all of the observations I made. Whether it is tightly controlling the supply chain, choosing to only work with the best people (whether that means his staff or his suppliers) or his obsession about helping people grow and enabling them to do their best — Passion is his fuel.

Startup Battles

Your battles, your stories.

Thomas Schranz

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Founder at Blossom & Lemmings

Startup Battles

Your battles, your stories.