Startup Berlin Slack Group Newsletter #9

September is already upon us. What are you working on? 👉 Share it on Twitter

Seems like Berlin has an eye for London startups as Cornelia Yzer, Berlin’s Senator for Economics, Technology, and Research opened a new trade office in London. Link1 Link2 Lots of opportunities for entrepreneurs from both cities.

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Startup stuff

@cscholles Pipz — a platform dedicated to user engagement and retention is in open beta! Just fill the form or send an email to to participate.
 @emmaroeder / Digital Knights identifies high-quality boutique tech and software studios from all over the world and connect them with startups, SME, and corporates. We act as a digital broker between those who have a need for tech resources and teams that build incredible digital products.
 @fbdv / Looking for tech co-founder/company to join startup in Berlin to produce patented SOLAIR, solar compressor for HVACR. Funding from Brazil-Germany programs
 @gesine / How to get most out of upcoming Bits&Pretzels (taking place in Munich, not in Berlin, but relevant for Berlin startups as well)


@fana / Content, Writing & SEO genius looking for new projects and collaborations. Follow me or say hi on Twitter @iststartupgirl
 @oliverwehn / Looking for an awesome fullstack JS dev willing to coach/mentor me to level up my skills a little in areas like code structure/style, testing strategies, and tools and build and deployment process. Would be able to pay ~€50/h.


@andrewhaw / Join the @siliconallee team at @oberholz on 4.10 for #startup #networking in #berlin :
 @katloughrey /Berlin’s next #FreelanceFriday is on Sept 30 at @Noize_Fabrik. Join for #coworking and #connecting :) @freelancecowork
 @monika / Working on a creative project? Learn how to make it come to life with Kickstarter!


@pauline / We are starting a WG — 2 rooms available. Rent is 500eur each/warm + 20eur/m for electricity and internet.

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