Entrepreneurs won’t surf without a wave (feat. Greg McAdoo)

Learnings from Greg McAdoo, Sequia Capital, about opportunities in front of entrepreneurs.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

All surfing requires a wave

Getting ready before the wave

Knowing your waters

Understand the phenomenon

[this] is a picture of truly great surfer, here riding a truly great wave out of Mavericks, over in half moon bay, and the observation that we make about this great surfer is: he couldn’t exist without a great wave he could have all the skills, he could have a great surf board.
At the end of the day, unless he’s got: the talent, the training, and the instinct to know where that wave is going to break, when it’s going to break, and then the courage to go out there and ride that thing, to some place really interesting, he’s not going to be a great surfer.
What we found over the years is: the same is true, quite frankly, for entrepreneurs and their companies. If you want to build a truly great company, you’ve got to ride a really big wave. And you’ve got to be able to look at market waves and technology waves in a different way than other folks, and see it happening sooner, and know how to position yourself out there. Prepare yourself, pick the right surfboard, in other words bring the right management team, and build the right platform underneath you. Only then can you ride a truly great wave. And, at the end of the day, without that great wave, even if you’re a great entrepreneur, you’re not going to build a really great business. (Greg McAdoo, 2009, 4:47)

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