MVP the fruit before the tree — and the opportunity for harvesting from imagination

Entrepreneurs should not look at the MVP as if it’s the basis that will govern the entire product — as if it’s a sort of seed that starts sprouting fruits and evolves from initial interaction with customers.

The MVP is a key leading to an the continued search and discovery of potential values for customers. As much as the MVP is the fruit of your imagination, it allows for the interaction from others — how their imagination contributes to the story

Instead, look at the MVP as a prototype of a fruit that is given to people, for tasting purposes, even before any root exists, the purpose being to generate data to support value proposition hypothesis-validation before any further development.

Eric Ries highlights how an MVP is part of a process, a step of validation to see how a feature-idea can be tested:

The critical is that, once you form your hypothesis, about what you think is going to happen in the world, the key idea is to put it to the test as soon as possible. (Eric Ries. Google for Entrepreneurs. 2014. 18m46s)

Therefore, the MVP is not about a whole product nor about pushing towards a full tests to it. Instead, it is part of the hypothesis — a fragment that you can test in the real world and an opportunity to keep learning — it’s a search.

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