Don’t Wait For Inspiration

Why are StartUps Counter-Intuitive?!

…and How to Have Ideas?

One who has not gone through a startup journey of their own, might not consider that Starting and/or Running a Startup is actually Counter-Intuitive!

Allow me to present our expert of the day, Paul Graham, who has a unique way of sharing his wealth of real life experience in this area. And to make it delighting, he brings a sense of humour that is subtle with a punch.

Should you give your undivided attention to this lecture, a bunch of questions will be answered…

  • How best get startup ideas? Don’t think about a startup.
  • What are 3 things common in a very best startup? Founder wants it; Founder can build it; Few others realise it is worth doing;
  • Why is important to work on a problem you have? Because it is real to you as a Founder.
  • How do you tell your idea has a path?
  • Why Live in the future, then build what’s missing?
  • When living in a future world, look for obvious things that are missing and they give birth to startup ideas?!
  • What is schlep blindness?

Pre Read 1 : How to Get Startup Ideas :

Pre Read 2 : Excerpt from Steve Jobs’s 1995 interview with Computerworld’s Oral History Project — watch from 1:10:53 onwards :

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