Failure: The Wall Street Journal’s Barrier to Education

Founded over 125 years ago is perhaps the most prominent newspaper of all-time, The Wall Street Journal. Known as the most circulated newspaper in the U.S. it maintains a considerable amount of digital users (900,000 as of March 2013). However, the competition is creeping up on the WSJ because it fails to see the elephant in the room. This company’s greatest barrier to itself and others is the fact that it charges for digital content. Something few dare to do.

Why is that though? Certainly this large corporation isn’t at a loss of profits. The Wall Street Journal fails to see the value in free education and progressive forward movement in free digital content. At the end of the day, the Wall Street Journal is compromising society, and itself, as a big media outlet that provides content for its users. Even many of its competitors don’t charge for their online articles that’re whipped up. USA Today, Forbes, Business Insider, Business Week, Bloomberg Businessweek, and thousands of other outlets don’t charge a dime for the same caliber news as The WSJ.

Now if the paid media was a white paper, formal research report, market research, etc. it would make perfect sense to pay for it; However, it offers none of the above! The articles it’s charging are arguably more basic than UGG’s (figuratively).

This is something that may not seem to alter the business at first but over time its competitors will beat it out with more traffic. The high barriers to education already stand high enough with college debts about to explode (ask Mark Cuban). Can we all grow up and acknowledge that some of these life essentials (education) are meant for everyone? There’s no reason to deny any man the knowledge to help himself and the human species together to advance collectively.

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