About My 11-year Old Startup That Hasn’t Launched Yet

Neil Sandhu
Mar 12, 2016 · 10 min read

Move Fast and Break Things?

First, let me make clear, ironically I’m actually a very big believer of the old Facebook mantra for developers — move fast and break things. And I think startups should launch early and iterate — better to launch too early than too late.

A Little Background

I graduated from the University of Virginia in 1997 and the University of Virginia Law School in 2000. I am a lawyer by training.

The Traditional Online Professional Marketplace Model

Sure, there were (and still are) countless online marketplaces connecting service providers with those in need of a service. However, most of these marketplaces were (and still are) generally designed in one of two manners.

  1. The low-end marketplace — the marketplace uses a system whereby a buyer of services posts a project for service providers to bid on. Bidding low is rewarded. In addition, these systems generally don’t provide a useful method for potential clients to easily compare service providers on the basis of expected performance. As a result, under this marketplace model, the cheapest service providers generally win the gig. This works fine for certain low-skilled, commoditized services (although this model is not even ideal for all of these types of gigs). Then, of course, there is also Fiverr for very low-level commoditized set price services offered by service providers.


Learning to Code and ProfectMarket

A Better Marketplace for Services

Then, in the fall of 2014, several months after the launch of ProfectMarket, which was starting to get some traction, I had the proverbial “a-ha!” moment. I finally realized the answer to the problem I had been trying to solve for 9 years at that point. What if, instead of professionals bidding on gigs, consumers bid to hire professionals? And what if what was being bid upon by a consumer was a block of the professional’s time?

Hire.Bid Beta v1

So, in addition to working on the patent applications, in the fall of 2014, I went back to work coding the new website, now called Hire.Bid, still based out of 1776. The lessons and coding skills learned building ProfectMarket were invaluable in coding Hire.Bid. The beta version of Hire.Bid launched in winter 2014–2015 and was well received.

The New Hire.Bid

Hire.Bid in late January 2017

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Neil Sandhu

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