Startup Founder Aleks Bozhinov

Aleks Bozhinov

Aleks Bozhinov is a serial entrepreneur, international management (CEMS) student, Googler and a frequent speaker at industry events. He co-founded For Sale!, AquaJar and also Crowdholding, a social co-creation platform that connects startups with investors, customers and team members. After graduating wit a bachelor in International Business & Management he joined the CEMS Dual Master. After his masters, Aleks moved to Google as Sales Manager for AdWords. Having acquired the right set of skills he moved to work on Crowdholding full-time. In his free time, Aleks loves to play football and go hiking.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
The abundance of things in society.

Can you remember what the biggest barriers to entry entrepreneurship were for you?
Time. Entrepreneurship requires 100% of ones time.

What does success look like to you personally?
Recognition on a mass level.


What is your role at Crowdholding?
I do inbound sales and content marketing, and I’m a sales and personal development coach. For simplicity, I call myself a CMO at LinkedIn.

What does a productive day for you look like?
Waking up with the sunrise, working out, crossing off the to-do list as much as possible, socializing after a hard workday.

Which problem are you solving with Crowdholding?
We’re solving the lack of transparency in the corporate world.

“Skip university and go straight into business.”

Where does your motivation to solve this problem come from?
Backstage players in the corporate world play manipulative games and gamble individual’s savings. There is no effective C2B platform where businesses and the public link directly, while skipping the middleman (e.g. brokers).

What does success look like for Crowdholding?
To become the primary C2B platform on the Internet.

Which one thing would you love to tell your younger self?
Skip university and go straight into business.

What has been your biggest failure?
My previous startup registered over 1400 sales within 30 days. However, a subsequent series of unfortunate events made the business go under and also some customers never received the product. There were many lessons learned from that experience.

What would you highly recommend aspiring entrepreneurs to do?
I recommend that you get a partner at an early stage.

How many users and paying customers do you have?


How big is the team?
We’re with seven employees, and thirteen freelancers.

What are you currently failing at?
Lead generation.

What are you currently struggling with?
Operations and processes set-up.

What makes you worry?
Indirect competition.

What’s your favorite emoji?
;) Because it’s smiling and confirming at the same time.

Who is your favorite super hero?
The riddler, because he’s smart and sarcastic.

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