Startup Founder, report.

We have heard it close to a hundred times before; “Why don’t you interview the founders in your community?”. And we always thought they had a valid point, but we also knew it would cost a lot of time, which we simply don’t have enough off. And then we ran into IdeaMensch, and our solution. IdeaMensch allows anyone to provide answers to a set of questions, and they then produce interviews that are interesting to read. Taking most of the work (the actual interviewing and transcribing the audio to text) out of the equation.

What we’ve done is similar, yet slightly different. If you’d like to have a Startup Founder interview, you can. All you have to do is to get a high resolution picture of yourself, a brief bio and complete the Typeform we’ve set up with all our base (and mandatory), and optional questions:

Write your own Startup Founder interview

We’ve went with optional questions because we wanted to go deeper, and wanted to ask tougher questions. However, we also wanted to give you the option to answer the tougher ones. We find this interesting as it allows the interviewee to disclose whatever they are struggling with, and that allows our community to help.

Literally every startup founder* is welcome to complete the interview process, and we’ll do our best to create a nice interview and to publish those in a timely manner, for free. Optionally we can help with doing a traditional interview and the writing/editing, expedited publishing or even a highlight in Startup Curated.

We would love to have a new Startup Founder interview every single week. So if you’re game, or are just curious about the tough questions, feel free share your experience in 30 minutes (or less).

I’ve pumped this idea and the Typeform out over the course of two days, so I’m sure it’s filled with chances for you to help improve Startup Founder, please feel free to do so, I welcome any and all feedback!

Thanks and credits for most of the questions go to George Vou, Mark Walker, Fred Rivett, Dylan Damsma, Ahti Kitsik, Stuart Brent, Vincent te Beek & Floris Wolswijk, all of you rock!

*Only startup founders should complete the application, and we reserve the right to refuse publication when the provided content is not up to par.