Write for Startup Stories

We believe that good concise and informative content can help a founder out, and can help us spread the right startup culture with its norms and values across the globe. This is why we created Startup Stories, and why we’d love for you to contribute to our publication.

Every member of our community can contribute to Startup Stories, and we welcome everyone to submit their stories for editing. Please get in touch if you’d like to be added as an author of Startup Stories.

However, there are also articles we would like to write, but can’t find the time for; or we might not be the ideal authors ourselves. That is why we created this page (inspired by GitLab’s Community Writers Program), to keep track of what we would like to see, and to encourage you to write and report these stories.

For every published article you contribute, we’ll transfer you a $50.-, $75.- or a $100.- bounty, depending how badly we want to see this article come to life, and the workload we think is involved to come to a solid article. If the article is more popular than the average of the articles on Startup Stories, we’ll double the bounty.

To be clear, these bounties are not meant to be commercial. They’re incentives that hopefully will convince you to write that article you’ve been wanting to write. When you submit an article, we’ll review it, and if we think it’s good enough, our editor will edit it. Then we’ll publish and bounties will be transferred via PayPal a full month after publication (to see if you’ve earned the x2 multiplier).


  • Global startup community building, the players (i.e. Startup Grind, Startup Weekend, etc.). [light research — $50.-]
  • Startup funding, compared across borders [harder research — $75.-]
  • Startup culture, the winning enablers, blockers, norms and values [medium research — $75.-]
  • ‘No Equity’ (accelerator) programs, do they work? [light research — $50,-]
  • Your topic here?

Feel free to suggest topics that you would like to read about by leaving a ‘response’ to this sentence (select text ➡️ 🗨). Or to one of the topics above to let us know that you would like to write that article.

Picked a topic? Feel free to start writing or to get in touch with Leon Pals or Simone. We’d love to help out, either way, here are some guidelines:


  • Articles written need to be in correct English, and easy to read. We recommend using the Hemingway App and a regular spelling-check.
  • We use ‘sentence case’ or ‘down style’ titles. Meaning you capitalize the first word of any title, and all proper nouns.
  • If you do an article which contains research, please be so kind to include your sources.
  • Please only use non-offensive wording or imagery.
  • Want to use your startup as a case study, or promote it in the article in any other way? This is fine, but in these cases a bounty does not apply.
  • None of the topics have a set amount of words, but you should expect to write between 500 and 1000 words.

Once we publish your article (which stays yours) it will have been edited by us, and will most likely include a call to action or a reference to our community. We expect you to get in touch if you’d like to retract the article.

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