41 Ways to Get Feedback on Your Idea or Product in 2020

Alex Mitchell
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12 min readDec 26, 2017

(And what to do with the feedback you get…)

It’s (finally) time to start moving on the Idea or Product you want to build!

What’s been holding you back?

Has it been the time that you don’t have?

Has it been the money you need?

Has it been just been too hard to step outside your comfort zone?

I’ve got a secret: Regardless of where you are in the development cycle with your Idea or Product, feedback (and what you do with it) is your secret weapon to getting to the next level.

An Idea or a Product is nothing until it’s been shared with others.

41 (Mostly Free) Ways to Get Feedback

Hit the Streets (in-person feedback)

  1. Get a free day pass to WeWork and share your ideas with others while sipping free coffee and attending free events (not a bad day!): https://www.wework.com/promos/free-trial
  2. Email your 10 closest friends with your best pitch. Limit your pitch to 3 bullet points and ask for honest feedback. Invite them for a coffee (on you) to talk through your idea or test your product.
  3. Share your idea with your family over the holidays. Warning: Prepare yourself for a lot of “I don’t get it’s” or “that won’t work”. These rejections should help you perfect your pitch and help you understand what feedback is helpful and what you should ignore.
  4. Go to Meetup Events in your city. Don’t worry too much about the exact topic of the Meetup, almost any event will provide you the opportunity to make new connections and test your idea or product.
  5. Find the densest concentration of potential customers. Does your idea or product deal with travel…

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