How a few small landing page tweaks created five times the conversions

aka; Why you should be obsessed with testing.

Miles Burke
May 24, 2015 · 6 min read

Experiment 1

I’ll start by sharing with you the landing page design we started with (which, as a designer, is my favourite visually of all these tests). The screen below was one of a series of pages we created (we made 9 in all) which use variations of headlines and copy to target specific search keywords.

Experiment 1, Variant A (longer, visual page)

Experiment 2

Instead of creating landing pages with large scale differences between them, I decided to tweak the headlines first. The reasoning is that I wanted to be clear on what effect every element of the page would have on our conversion rate.

Experiment 2, Variant A (Headline)
Experiment 2, Variant C (emotive headline)

Experiment 3

The two variations for our third experiment were intentionally kept quite similar to each other; I kept the winning ‘Measure’ headline from the last experiment, and this time I added a paragraph below the feature dot points, which helped outline some of the benefits of 6Q, as well as credibility by the fact it has users in more than 35 countries, at last count.

Experiment 3, Variant A (photo background)
Experiment 3, Variant B (grey background)


Please be aware that whilst these experiments worked for me (converting visitors to free trial users of a b2b SaaS product with a distinct audience), they may not work for you and your product’s target audience; the moral of this article is test, test and continue to test.


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Stories from the startup journey around the world.