Snapchat’s next BIG move

Snapchat has been a quickly evolving platform. Going from simple disappearing messages between friends to developing My Story, Live stories, and the much newer Discover feature. They’re also beginning to learn how to monetize the platform. They’ve signed deals with the NFL, they have 15 different media outlets as part of Discover, and, most recently, the upcoming $750,000 a day sponsored selfies have garnered attention.

Even with its ever growing user base, Snapchat has one key issue. It’s a walled garden. There is no official way to share your content outside of Snapchat. There is no easy way for “non-snappers” to experience and try Snapchat. They can’t just bump into a Snapchat story somewhere on the Internet. Snapchat has no real web presence, but that’s about to change.

Snapchat’s next BIG move will be to allow users to share their stories and snaps on other platforms.

It will start out with just Live stories being shared through Twitter or Facebook. Eventually allowing for individual users to do the same as well as content from the Discover page.

Snapchat is crowdsourcing amazing content from its users through Live stories but no one outside of Snapchat sees it. Sharing will enable them to showcase those stories to “non-snappers”, while enticing them to join Snapchat.

Yes, this will change the disappearing stories concept, once things are out on the great open internet they are impossible to make disappear. Much like any growing platform, Snapchat must evolve if it wants to continue its growth. Tearing down the wall and letting snaps roam the internet will allow Snapchat to grow outside of its relatively niche millennial user base.

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