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Spring Cleaning for Your Product

It’s Spring Cleaning time for your product!

Why Spring Cleaning for Products?

  1. The quality of your product deteriorates. While new features may drive more users to your product, they’ll find the overall experience less satisfying and their retention will be lower.
  2. It becomes more difficult for developers to work in your codebase. Tech Debt is a sludge that progressively slows down development. The more debt, the more sludge that gets in the way of product improvements.
  3. You’re poorly positioned to take advantage of new technologies. Without continuous “cleaning” and refactoring of your product, removal of retired features, and updating of languages and frameworks, you’ll find that it’s very hard to take advantage of new technologies. The barriers to entry will simply be too large and you’ll fall farther and farther behind.

Your Spring Cleaning List

  1. Tech Debt

If you could build your product again, knowing what you know now, what would it look like?

Talk to your customers!

Spring Cleaning Benefits

Spring Cleaning All-Stars

Get Cleaning!

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