Why Failure Matters?

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about failure and success. Mostly because I am working on a really exciting project with someone whom I believe is a really awesome and down to earth human being.

To think about it all my life was about failure. I have come to terms with it but my parents are still uncomfortable with the choices I’ve made. If anyone goes with what the ‘society’ defies as success, that is, you follow a certain path, and if you try to something different, you’re a failure. I knew what made sense for me but I hated myself for shaming my parents.

It took me a long time to come to terms with the path I have followed. In the process I realised failure and success are not opposites but just states of being. When you do something, it can either work out or not or it can be neutral indicating you’re not doing anything significant. But even if it doesn’t work out, you’re at least trying to do something, maybe, out of your capabilities. And this is when you learn.

These small failures can be deterministic of your future path and can have a butterfly effect. In my case, it very well did. Just few days ago I was introduced to Chaos Theory and I couldn’t stop thinking how true it fits my life. Had I not failed early on, I wouldn’t have to courage to do few things I did. The amazing thing about failure is that it liberates you. You are free try out things because there’s only two states one can go from failure — it’s being neutral or win.

The only thing I have to figure out is why the pain of failure is thousand times more than the happiness that a win gives you.

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