Announcing the 12 Startups of Startup Garage at Station F

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO, announced the launch of Startup Garage in January.

We’re welcoming 12 local startups to join the first class of Facebook’s Startup Garage at Station F. Beginning in September, programming for the startups will include access to mentors, training workshops and a dedicated workspace within Station F, the world’s largest start-up campus.

Over a period of six months, we’re excited to contribute to the growth of the ecosystem of French startups, especially those involved in the data economy. Facebook itself emerged from a startup ecosystem, and with Startup Garage, our goal is to bring this knowledge and experience to the next generation of startups in France.

Each of the startups is innovating on data privacy to build value for people while putting trust and data control at the heart of their business. The 12 startups chosen to join Startup Garage from Facebook represent a wide range of sectors and technologies ranging from virtual assistant to recruitment and education. Their services help their users manage their personal information, make better decisions and use their data to simplify their daily lives.

Here’s a brief introductions to each of the startups; for their full profiles, visit our Facebook Page.

Startup Garage from Facebook: 12 innovative French startup

  1. About Chekk : With, users are able to verify their digital identity and control the data they share. Companies have a secure platform for transparent data interactions and queries.
  2. About Mapstr : Mapstr is the first map-meets-notes application that allows users to save their favorite places in the world and share them with friends.
  3. About The Fabulous : The Fabulous is a health and wellness application that helps users adopt and maintain healthier habits. It is a research-based application that uses principles of behavioral economics to help users integrate healthy routines into everyday life.
  4. About Onecub : Onecub is a data transfer tool that allows users to collect data from their emails and reuse them on other websites.
  5. About Karos : Karos leverages automated learning and data technologies to transform the available spaces in a public transit system to revolutionize the daily travel of motorists.
  6. About Alan : Alan is the first digital health insurance in Europe that reinvents the user experience while providing a transparent health plan for both companies and self-employed.
  7. About Bruno : Bruno integrates artificial intelligence into your finances to help you save money and achieve your goals.
  8. About Jam : Jam is a French bot dedicated to young people, an inexhaustible and tailor-made source of ideas for free outings and leisure, offering addresses and activities via Messenger.
  9. About The School Project : The School Project aims to enable each child to reach his or her potential by creating data-driven tools for teachers to personalize learning.
  10. About Welcome to the Jungle: Welcome to the Jungle helps 20- to 35-year-olds find the work of their dreams in their dream business with enhanced content and the best possible user experience.
  11. About Glose : Glose is an application that makes reading easier and encourages people to read more. It is a social reading platform that allows you to discover, buy, read and read ebooks and communicate with other readers.
  12. About Riminder : Riminder values and qualifies every element of a candidate’s profile by capitalizing on Deep Learning technologies

In order to foster collaboration across the ecosystem in Paris and beyond, Facebook will also organize a series of events, focused on development tools and the creation of successful companies, open to all startups of the Station F campus. Stay tuned here to our blog to get the latest updates.

About Facebook’s Startup Garage at Station F



Facebook’s program designed to empower independent startups in France, with expertise, mentoring and dedicated working space within Station F, the world’s largest start-up campus.

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Startup Garage at Station F

Startup Garage at Station F

Facebook’s program to innovate with startups in France | Program Manager: CarolineMatte