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5 min readAug 5, 2021


Next month, 2500 startups will virtually gather together for Startup Grind’s inaugural Americas Startup Summit. This free half-day summit will be chock-full of educational sessions, workshops, and high-quality networking for our startup members.

As part of the Americas Summit, we are hand-picking less than 50 startups from our membership to take part in Accelerate. Accelerate startups will be exhibiting their startup via a virtual booth to the 2500 attendees, pitching to 100+ investors, receiving curated investor exposure, and will be featured on social media prior to and during the summit.

Itching to find out who made the Accelerate cut? Below you will find our first 10 startups to keep an eye out for at the Americas Summit.

Industry: Health Care

Eyedaptic, a trailblazing health-centered startup, is making waves in the world of optometry. This profound new technology is designed for people with visual impairments due to retinal diseases, specifically Macular Degeneration. Approximately 11 million people suffer from this widespread condition. With simple and user-friendly technology, their device can offer a variety of different settings at the click of a button. The one-size-fits-all eyeglasses enable users to optimize their remaining eyesight while using augmented reality to stimulate natural vision. Eyedaptic is offering independence and the freedom for an improved quality of life, while simultaneously tackling a debilitating disease.

Industry: Wellness / Fitness

For years, people have been warned of the radiation emitted from our cell phones and WiFi routers. Somavedic is a wellness startup working to eradicate that issue. With sales increasing by nearly 1,000 percent in 2020, the numbers speak for themselves. Their mitigation products are specially designed to reduce the effects of EMF radiation. This positively affects the cardiovascular and nervous systems, citing regulated BP, and a boost of SMU. It is also reported to significantly improve sedimentation, heart rate variability, circulation, and internal balance. Somavedic is your best friend for all things harmony: providing clarity, better and longer sleep cycles, and overall positive well-being.

Industry: SaaS

The RFx process has been around for one hundred years, and entering the 21st century, is in desperate need of a makeover. EdgeworthBox is digitizing RFx’s in a modern and easy-to-use approach. The platform is designed to connect buyers and suppliers with tools; including central clearing of vendor administration, public and private repositories of structured data, and social networking. EdgeworkBox is your one-stop-shop for everything RFx.

Industry: Marketing / Advertising / Sales

Activated Scale is a modern marketplace, connecting sales experts to startup founders, all based on their experience selling to their buyers. This revolutionary startup assists in finding the best available sales talent, connects you with a pre-vetted seller that has prior experience with your specific buyer, and provides you the tools to accelerate your revenue. The model is a win-win-win for all parties involved, including options to work with the experts part or full-time.

Industry: Services

The abrupt shift to remote work following the Coronavirus pandemic hit employees with a whole new set of challenges in the workplace. RootLo is bridging that gap, providing businesses with new approaches to humanize the remote working world. This innovative app, RootLo Enterprise, doubles as a social network, highlighting the potential to curate any company’s cultural and communication needs.

Industry: Agriculture

Cannabis is an up-and-coming industry taking the world by storm. Harvest Lighting Solutions is here to empower Cultivators to grow and scale their award-winning strains. They’re keeping the lighting industry bright with designs engineered to illuminate the plants with a blanket of equal light. Harvest Lighting Solutions is more than just light, and the company prides itself on serving not only Cultivators but company cooperatives and the local community as a whole.

Industry: Automotive

Owning a car is a big responsibility, but CarBuddy is here to help! The automotive technology startup is the future for car owners and drivers. CarBuddy offers real-time diagnostics, alerts, as well as fully customizable and highly dynamic features for the consumer, retail, enthusiasts, and everyday commuters. Designed for nearly all cars, trucks, and motorcycles, this app includes social media, sales and marketing, GPS, and exclusive capabilities for the global auto community.

Industry: Logistics / Supply Chain

Phase Growth offers a navigation software tool, aimed at helping logistics providers improve route planning using a mix of weather, physical environment, and location data. The company acts as a consultant about downstream applications of satellite data, and a technology provider of tailor-made solutions. Currently running beta testing of its own, Phase Growth also offers in-house solutions for real-time tracking of goods within multimodal logistics.

Industry: Artificial Intelligence

CloudAEye is an intelligent cloud service, providing SaaS-based operations management. The AI-powered workflow focuses on contextual awareness and automatically surfaces anomalous services. CloudAEye also offers frictionless management of an incident and root-cause analysis to reduce MTTD (mean time to detect) and MTTR (mean time to repair).

Industry: Media

When reality bites, we hop online. VRJAM is creating a real-time platform for our immersive experiences and content alike. The virtual reality platform creates next-generation music content as well as leveled-up live virtual events. Empowering artists, brands, and platform owners, VRJAM has something for everyone.

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The Startup Grind Team
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