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Sep 9 · 6 min read

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With the North America Startup Summit only six days away, it’s no surprise that we’re stirring with excitement to share the following preview of premiering startups. From AI-powered meeting assistants, online shopping technology, or helpful habit management tools, these Accelerate Startups are certainly setting new standards with their technologies.

Our Accelerate Program features a collection of select startups that are hungry to advance their industries. At Startup Grind, we are incredibly proud of the startups we work with and of course, increasingly excited about the vibrant global community we’re building together.

Read on to learn more about 10 Accelerate Startups from our Membership, and make sure to register to join us together next week.

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Industry: Health Care

Sober One is more than just a habit tracker or sobriety counter — it’s a science-based AI assistant designed to take back your freedom. This mobile app helps users recognize and solve alcohol and substance abuse problems and offers numerous features including a drinking tracker and diary, tailored educational content, cognitive-based therapy tools, guided journeys, as well as professional and community support. All of these resources make the future of online addiction treatment accessible and approachable, no matter what your lifestyle may be.

Industry: Fashion

The Fitting Room is the future of online shopping. This fully customizable marketplace enables users to create a true-to-life avatar, so you can virtually try on different garments and outfits without ever leaving home. Your personalized 3D model uses made-to-fit technology to perfectly contour each clothing item to your body type. In addition to inclusive sizing options, The Fitting Room also allows you to alter garments to create your ultimate dream look. Shorten hems, change necklines, switch colors or accessories; the options are endless.

Industry: SaaS

Adam.ai is helping teams run efficient meetings, create collaborative agendas, record decisions, and assign tasks, expediting workflows and delighting CEOs everywhere. Acting as each team member’s personal assistant, this clever meeting management tool intelligently captures and organizes all of your meeting information in one place. Hot off their latest pre-seed round with Atlassian, Adam.ai will supercharge your meetings, improve your workflows, and boost productivity so you can focus on the important stuff.

Industry: Wellness / Fitness

A recent report from Indeed estimates that 52% of workers feel burned out, a number that increased by 9% since the pandemic began. Fortunately, the team at Turia.ai is here to tackle burnout head-on. This wellness app is solving the burnout epidemic by combining key mindfulness and productivity techniques for their users. Now it’s easier than ever to manage tasks and attention, prioritize with focus and execute with flow, as well as stay accountable with peers. Turia.ai is the mindful solution to reclaim your attention and balance at work.

Industry: Human Resources

Equally is the HR genius taking the headache out of recruitment. This month-to-month sourcing and recruitment subscription is strapped with top-notch coaching for startups. In addition to providing customers with expert recruiters for their hiring needs, the Equally team also makes organizing a successful candidate journey a breeze. Mentors and coaches design and upgrade the processes and behaviors for you, accelerating your growth by a substantial margin. Equally is ready to take your hiring stresses off your plate, and show you the way to the perfect candidate.

Industry: SaaS

It’s easy to feel tired and overwhelmed by the majority of job sites, but with Niceboard, that is a thing of the past. Their sleek design and format make the app extremely user-friendly and provides all the tools you would need to either post or find your next perfect job. Their goal of empowering communities around the world encourages individuals to unlock their true value and potential, helping to connect job seekers and employers in their niche. You can start your own customized community job board in under ten minutes. It’s really that easy, folks! Check out Niceboard and see where you’ll go next.

Industry: Consumer Services

Some companies are choosing to return to in-person offices, a style of work we haven’t seen much of since the pandemic started. To help with this, ZaaWink created a cost-effective temperature measuring and monitoring device for businesses, with automation, helping to keep all of us safe during these transitions. Their temperature-capable smartwatches are built to handle quick on-the-spot measurements with expert accuracy and even include an administrative dashboard. Keep your communities healthy, and wear a ZaaWink.

Industry: Marketing/Advertising/Sales

Pole banners are such quintessential small-town America, a sweet reminder of a different time. EZBannerz crafted a patented method to install light pole banners without the use of heavy equipment. Their approach is easier and safer to install, and not to mention cheaper and more sustainable than previous techniques. Not only is EZBannerz great for advertising and messaging, but their team also identified a v way to monetize their existing assets — the light poles — by transforming what once was a capital expense into new revenue-generating machines. Boost your business with EZBannerz.

Industry: Information Technology/Services

Mauisoft Enterprises is working to empower youth and solve business problems simultaneously. By focusing on skill development for young entrepreneurs in Latin America, their team offers business management, data analytics, and support services, enabling the companies they work with to focus on growth. They also offer a free online training center to embolden their mission of training the next generation of entrepreneurs. Mauisoft Enterprises truly is the future of job training, bringing hope, new skills, and job opportunities to LATAM.

Industry: Food/Beverage

Tired of friends or family being indecisive about where to eat? Lucky for you, Menu del dia is the foodie friend you will fall in love with. Using their filtration system, you can easily sift through detailed lists of nearby restaurants for the best vegan or vegetarian food, lunch specials, and more. Simply enable location tracking and they will do the rest. Menu del dia is taking the stress out of eating out, helping you choose what to eat without the fuss.

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