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From business intelligence tools to the art of fine food and beverage, our Accelerate Startups are guaranteed to spark something in all of us. One of the many wonderful perks about a Startup Grind membership is the ability to connect with and learn from some of the ambitious minds behind the remarkable startups in our community.

Our Accelerate Program is designed to showcase a carefully curated collection of startups that are working tirelessly to reimagine the world around us. Read on to learn more about 15 Accelerate Startups striving to make an impact in their industries.

Industry: SaaS

Do you ever worry about fraud when browsing online? Incognia is here to make that easier. Our movements throughout the world are as unique as a fingerprint, and Incognia utilizes location behavior to cultivate a unique anonymous identity for their users. Today, Incognia protects over 100M+ devices and provides services to multiple industries including banks and fintech, retail and mobile commerce, as well as food delivery and restaurants.

Industry: Education

Virtual learning is making massive strides to be more effective and efficient, but there’s been a struggle to find the right way to approach lab settings in a virtual environment. Modal is on the case. This 3D presentation software is designed to redefine modern education in the world of dentistry. Whether it’s virtual or in-person, this modern solution is bringing real-life human anatomy to digital classrooms. The world of dentistry is transforming before our very eyes and Modal is the key to this dental revolution.

Industry: SaaS

Empuls is a self-sustaining employee engagement solution bringing digital workplaces to life. Through a process of continuous improvement and feedback, their easy solution improves company culture and increases productivity. Managers and HR Leaders in over 800+global companies use Empuls to build a culture of appreciation, bring teams together, and provide a voice for every employee.

Industry: SaaS

Aphrodite, a crowdfunding analytics startup, is on a mission to take your data and organize it for you. Gone are the days of unorganized spreadsheets and chaotic data; this SaaS master company has already helped businesses optimize over $434 million for their clients. By providing unparalleled insights into every dollar in your business, Aphrodite allows you to see the bigger picture by tracking key indicators with ease.

Industry: Hardware / IoT

The workforce is rapidly moving towards fully digital and Loud-Hailer ensures your employees can remain connected internally regardless of internet connection. The Loud-Hailer team created a tool that uses Bluetooth technology to create private, individualized networks between you and your employees while safeguarding internal operations from security risks. Your entire business revolves around your data, so it’s best to keep secure on a private network with the people you trust most.

Industry: SaaS

Simply Flows is the streamlining platform that will transform your business. This no-code, secure cloud platform connects applications, automates labor-intensive tasks, and is entirely self-service to make your day easier. Manual data processing is a thing of the past, and with their flow technology, errors are eliminated altogether. Simply Flows makes life easier, and with their instant notifications, it’s sure to change the way you do business.

Industry: Information Technology / Services

Built Data is on a mission to strengthen teams and communication at construction job sites. The team behind Built Data were once contractors that became fed up with the lack of cohesive communication tools, and the results are impressive. Their solution is increasing productivity, reducing error, and eliminating the dilemma of waste and inefficiency in the production process. Watch in real-time as this app is transforming construction teams, while encouraging dreams to become designs, and designs to become reality.

Industry: AI

Technology and deep sea learning? Count us in! The team at Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers manufactures Unmanned Underwater Vehicles, harnessing their passion for underwater exploration and oceanic discovery to take marine research to new depths. Their AI solutions are designed to enhance data collection in the deep ocean spaces that were once considered unreachable. Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers are taking exploration to new corners of the earth and we’re all here for it.

Industry: Other

AfterData.ai is a data discovery solution that promotes collaboration like never before. Their inventive solution helps enterprises understand and manage their data at a fraction of the cost. The incredible data visualization feature essentially projects data as an interconnected map, finding answers in data similarly to how we use Google Maps to explore new cities. Equipped with the built-in AI Knowledge Graph, it’s no wonder AfterData.ai is beating out competitors.

Industry: Human Resources

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average cost for a bad hire can equal 30% of that individual’s annual earnings. AccuChain is on a mission to save everyone that headache. No more having to worry if an applicant has lied on their resume; AccuChain created a resume validation process as well as a recruitment platform. AccuChain can prevent bad hires, in turn saving companies time and money.

Industry: Travel

Shoppi is transforming the travel industry, making it easier than ever to shop in every city. This community of travelers saw the need for browsing new, exciting content while connecting with the local culture of every city around the world. Their online marketplace enables shoppers and businesses to interact and purchase foreign goods, regardless of cultural language barriers or geographic location.

Industry: Human Resources

Marvelus is on a mission to optimize mental-emotional fitness. Their team helps build happy, high-performing remote + hybrid teams by pioneering expert-led mental-emotional “workouts”. By combining techniques for cultivating joy and building resilience, Marvelus fuels business performance by building emotionally resilient teams in a space that is fun, safe, and easy to return to.

Industry: E-Commerce

The monolithic wine industry has a grip in nearly every corner of the world, and with Palate Club, it has never been more accessible. This premium food and beverage platform is enabled by a proprietary taste-matching IP, with an initial focus on wine, of course. Backed by an international team of wine experts from San Francisco to France, this e-commerce platform will take you on a journey through the world of top foods and wine. Indulge in the extraordinary, and celebrate the finer things with Palate Club.

Industry: Biotechnology

The future of biotechnology has made quite an entrance. A.D.A.M. uses proprietary 3D printing technology to target the artificial bones and tissue market, essentially revolutionizing the world of organ transplantation. A.D.A.M. began with a focus on bone implants and is aiming to move towards work with blood vessels, heart valves, and bronchial implants. No this isn’t a sci-fi movie, they really created implants out of patented organic materials, which means they can be cheaply manufactured and used at scale.

Industry: Entertainment / Gaming

Sports lovers unite — Playnbrag has arrived to elevate our fantasy leagues to a new level. This social sports betting app combines all of our favorite things about sports: the game, socializing with friends, and winning bets. Playnbrag prides itself on being a space for everyone. From die-hard fans to the casual sports lover, this is the social media sports mecca we have all been waiting for.

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