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2019 Gift Guide

Tis the season! Consider this our gift to you… we put our global heads together to come up with gifts for every person in your life, on any budget. Here is our list of “can’t live without” products (and maybe grab one for yourself while you’re at it)!

  1. Airpod Case. We all know one… the person that has all the latest tech accessories. Stock their stocking with a handy Airpod Case. They come in different colors to fit any personality, so spice up their AirPods this holiday season. Grab one from Amazon for only $8
    — Coco Chia, AirPod Case Connoisseur

2. Patagonia Vest. A winter wardrobe staple for all budding tech bros and wannabe VC’s! Especially useful for those who suffer from “warm arms, cold heart” syndrome. Get one from Patagonia starting at $79
— Imo Watson, Practical Jacket Enthusiast

3. Personal Zen Garden. You probably won’t have to look far to find someone in your life that could use a little relaxation. The solution (other than hitting the eggnog bowl with gusto)? A few minutes with a personal Zen Garden and all those stresses will drift away. Grab a personal Zen Garden for only $10
Mac Jones, Zen Specialist

4. Sous-vide. For the aspiring chef who maybe needs a little help? Get them a sous-vide and they can say goodbye to overcooking and say hello to juicy, delicious dinners. Get one for $200
— Karlie Valine, Aspiring Home Chef

5. Adidas Slides. The person that has everything? They’ll still appreciate these slides for the house, the beach, the corner store, and even a fashion show. They last forever, feel great, and look even better. Head to Adidas and grab a pair for $50.
— Grace Lancaster, Resident Fashionista + Deal Finder

6. Aer Daypack. Men and women alike need a sleek way to stay organized. This stylish backpack will keep everything in its place while leaving hands free to grab another holiday cocktail. The best part? An internal water bottle holder to try and rehydrate between holiday parties. Head to Aer to get one for $125.
— Becca Rogers, Queen of Fashion Meets Function

7. MUD/WTR. With the holidays come New Year’s resolutions and giving up coffee makes the list for many. Help them check that resolution off with MUD/WTR, a coffee alternative that replaces the caffeine jitters with increased focus and energy throughout the day. Get a tin of MUD/WTR for $30.
Madeline Ulivieri, Organic Enthusiast

8. Succulent. A few colorful succulents can brighten up any space, not to mention mood. Easier to take care of than a pet and don’t have to be taken to doggy day care on long trips. Get a succulent for only $20.
— Jessica Aldrich, Resident Green Thumb

9. Nintendo Switch Lite. Long commutes, road trips to family gatherings, or even just stuck on a long conference call. Everyone needs a way to stay entertained and a Nintendo Switch Lite will do just the trick. Snap one up for $199.
— Ashlee Hunt, Entertainment Enforcer

10. International Sim Card. Travelers can all relate to running from coffee shop to hotel, trying to find some free wifi. But this International sim card is permanently attached to your local sim card and allows data usage while traveling (without the exorbitant rates). Grab a card for $30.
— Guillaume de Smedt, Offbeat Traveler

BONUS GIFT: We know that everyone in your life would like nothing more than to be able to attend the premiere conference that is Startup Grind Global 2020! (Forgive our shameless plug). Our conference is the chance to network with the brightest minds from around the world & build relationships that are unlike any other. So it really is the gift that keeps on giving! Tickets range from $305–$550.

Happy Shopping!

The Startup Grind Team



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