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4 Scaleups Taking Global 22 by Storm

April 12th and 13th are quickly approaching, meaning Startup Grind’s Global Conference will soon be taking over the streets of Redwood City and bringing Fox Theatre to life. After two years of Covid-19 delays and restrictions, we are thrilled to have our community joining us live and in person, including 43 incredible exhibiting scaleups. Here is the first look at 4 of our impressive exhibitors you’ll meet on-site this year!


Industry: Entertainment/Gaming
Location: Portugal
Booth Number: 11 (April 12)

The Covid-19 pandemic has arguably increased our reliance on the online world at the cost of our social lives. One scaleup looking to make the digital world just a bit more human is Portugal-based Didimo. By simply uploading a selfie to Didimo’s platform, you’ll have a digital human (avatar) in less than 90 seconds. Didimo means “twin” in Greek, and that is definitely what your avatar will be. Didimo’s digital humans have an incredible likeness to the photo they’ve been created from and are even capable of high-fidelity animation and control. Perhaps you want to see yourself in your favorite game, or you’re curious to see how a jacket might look on you. These are just a few of Didimo’s avatar applications. Ultimately, Didimo’s technology powers improved user engagement, representation, and connections. So much so that the European Innovation Council named Didimo as one of the Top 50 most promising European Deeptech startups. We are so excited to see what they bring to our Global Conference!


Industry: Health Care
Location: United States
Booth Number: 16 (April 12)

The average person would probably not imagine a healthcare practitioner learning medicine from the comfort of their home, but California-based GIBLIB is changing that idea by providing medical professionals and patients access to personalized on-demand education and news. Any GIBLIB subscriber has access to the full library of cutting-edge medical content including talks and surgical videos! Top institutions like Mayo Clinic, Stanford Health, and others have partnered with GIBLIB to increase and improve accessibility to the highest quality medical education available. You can even earn medical education credits through the online platform. GIBLIB is the self-proclaimed ‘Netflix’ of medical education and rightfully so. We’re not sure where else you can find opportunities to stream expert-created content on pediatric pulmonology or oculoplastics. If GIBLIB is missing any specialties, you can tell their team in person in Redwood City!


Industry: Human Resources
Location: Ukraine
Booth Number: 29 (April 13)

Now is the time to support Ukraine. What better way than to hire Ukrainian software engineers? Companies can do just that by using Skyworker, a Ukraine-based recruiting marketplace with more than 25,000 experienced tech specialists that have profiles and are looking for work. Once a company publishes a vacancy, pipelines of candidates are generated automatically. Next, vacancies are custom-offered to candidates and the company receives relevant and interested applicants. Skyworker has impressive stats; 73% of candidates are invited for an interview, 15 interviews convert to a job offer, and it takes, on average, 3 weeks from posting the job opportunity to hire. More than 800 international companies are hiring with Skyworker, so what are you waiting for? Be sure to come to meet them in person in April, too!


Industry: SaaS
Location: Sweden
Booth Number: 39 (April 13)

Businesses need customers, and Sweden-based scaleup Zaplify is looking to simplify that process. Zaplify is a modern sales intelligence and engagement platform that assists companies in finding and contacting new quality clients. Instead of spending your time on prospects, with Zaplify you can really focus on furthering leads with access to a template library, triggered follow-ups, scheduling, performance insights, and more. More than 100 sales teams use Zaplify on a daily basis, and for good reason. In a self-led study, Zaplify saw an increase from a 6.5% conversion rate when only using email to a 33.8% conversion rate when adding social media to their automation mix. Not only are conversion rates improved, but on average, 50 hours a month per user are saved through these automations. That means there is so much more time available for the good stuff — like coming to Startup Grind’s Global Conference and meeting Zaplify’s team in person!

If you haven’t already, make sure to get your tickets to Global 22 before we sell out!



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