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4 Scaleups to Meet at Global 22

So many startups will meet us in Silicon Valley for our Global Conference 2022. Read on to learn about four of them exhibiting, and get your ticket to meet them in person!


Industry: Automotive

Location: United States

Booth Number: 3 (12 April)

Ridesharing needs a revamp, and Autzu is doing just that. Autzu is building an infrastructure to switch global rideshare vehicles to electric, connected, and autonomous. Once your Autzu account is activated and connected to your rideshare account, you can easily book an Autzu vehicle in New York City, Toronto, or San Francisco for 4, 8, or 12 hours any day of the week. Autzu vehicles are 100% eligible to accept passenger and food delivery trips with Uber Driver, Uber Eats, and Lyft. Electric vehicles, like a Tesla Model 3, start at $8 USD an hour and include everything from unlimited mileage to comprehensive insurance. If you’re already utilizing rideshare vehicles, why not have access to those that are better for the environment and better on your budget?

Heizenrader (EducationXR)

Industry: AR / VR

Location: United States

Booth Number: 17 (12 April)

EducationXR is the 3D cross-platform one-stop destination for training and education. With EducationXR, you can build immersive, collaborative, and remote training from any device, whether that be from your phone, tablet, desktop, or otherwise. Once you build it, you can deploy it everywhere. In a time where remote learning is important and necessary, you can utilize EducationXR to eliminate the barriers of physical location and connect in shared experiences across any device. At the touch of a button, you can dive into immersive spaces and have a spatial experience. EducationXR is used by a number of impressive names, including Mayo Clinic and Volkswagen.


Industry: SaaS

Location: United States

Booth Number: 30 (13 April)

Takeout food can always be made simpler. SWIPEBY turns any brick and mortar into a drive-thru as a turnkey platform offering convenient online ordering, pickup, delivery, and customizable geofenced arrival notifications, making sure your customers and your staff have a great experience. SWIPEBY is not just for restaurants; it can be applied to liquor stores, retailers, venues, and more. With SWIPEBY, you’ll become more easily accessible to customers. Orders can be placed through multiple channels, meaning wherever your customer is, so are you. The whole process is streamlined and improved for you and your customer, even passing on overflow orders to third party drivers, but ensuring no commission and no data sharing. So, what are you waiting for? Turn your family-owned business into a drive-thru with SWIPEBY today, and come say hi to their team at the Startup Grind Global Conference.


Industry: Manufacturing / Industrial

Location: United States

Booth Number: 40 (13 April)

ZeoVation offers a complete range of ‘smart’ particles: nanozeolites, hierarchical zeolites, and antimicrobial additives. Nanozeolites are perfect for controlled release applications due to their large external surface areas and short diffusion paths. These nanozeolites can be encapsulated and release-controlled to solve or enhance the properties of your product or application. Hierarchical zeolites are a combination of micro and mesopores that can enhance the transfer and chemistry of bulky molecules. ZeoVation’s antimicrobial additives have a strong residual effect, remaining active until physically removed. They have wide-ranging applications and versatile delivery. ZeoVation’s smart particles are the perfect addition to your product, so come meet them at the Startup Grind Global Conference and ask them more about it.

What are you waiting for? Register for your ticket to Global 22 today!



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