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4 Scaleups We Met Last Month

Last month, Startup Grind hosted the Global Conference in Redwood City. It was two days packed full of amazing speakers, networking opportunities, and outstanding exhibiting scaleups coming from all over the world. Learn more about four of them!


Industry: Information Technology / Services

Location: United Kingdom

Booth Number: 23 (13 April)

Omnipresent is a global employment services partner supporting clients in 150+ countries around the world. Omnipresent matches your growth, giving you the freedom and opportunities to hire the best talent from around the globe, without having to set up a local entity. At any stage of your development, internationalization can be made a reality. Omnipresent’s platform makes managing remote teams simple, efficient, and streamlined. They even offer integration with more than 20 different HR systems and will onboard your new international hire, taking care of the administrative load and letting you get on with the good stuff. Omnipresent ensures that your growth and scaling stay globally legal and compliant without you having to worry about it. What could be better?

Opticks Security

Industry: SaaS

Location: Spain

Have you been wanting to safeguard your business from digital ad fraud? Opticks Security provides advertising fraud detection and prevention solutions for leading advertisers around the world. They have a mission to deliver reliable and innovative software to combat and beat digital fraud, and they do this by blocking and tracking the fraud in real-time. This ensures you can drive your revenues confidently without worrying. With machine learning and behavioral analytics, Opticks analyzer evaluates data collected in real-time and determines a risk score. From there, Opticks will either block the fraud or let through the healthy traffic. You can find a record of all tracked and blocked activity, even explaining the triggers.


Industry: Health Care

Location: United States

Dropstat is empowering healthcare facilities to have autonomy over the use of their own staffing resources to increase the quality of care offered while decreasing the cost of that care. Dropstat is here at the perfect time. Though so many feel they’ve made it out of the pandemic, healthcare facilities are still feeling the impact of it! Dropstat is committed to facilitate faster care delivery by filling shifts faster while also optimizing affordable care by eliminating unnecessary agency use, high-cost staffing, and overtime use. If your healthcare facility is feeling the stress of staffing, Dropstat may be the solution.


Industry: Information Technology / Services

Location: United Arab Emirates

uqudo is a next-generation identity as a service, powered by artificial intelligence. With uqudo, seamless incorporation of essential onboarding functions is enabled, all while eradicating identity fraud by having a secure trusted identity layer. Their authentication program has been deployed to hundreds of millions of people, apps, and devices across all industries. uqudo’s mission is to develop cross-border and cross-industry digital ecosystems where the user is in control of their data, which is something we know most of our readers can get behind, especially in this new wave of the web. If you’re looking for a new identity wallet, uqudo may be the one for you. Blockchain ensures the integrity of the information in the wallet, all while it is easily accessible as a mobile application.



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