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4 Things I learned Designing User Interfaces for VR at Disney.

The VR design space is 🔥🔥🔥.

Quick Intro

1. Print design is relevant to VR design

tl;dr — Print has solved this for the real world. No need to reinvent the wheel for the virtual world.

A Billboard for a Coca-Cola Ad, and the Oculus UI

2. Be Strategic with your targets

tl;dr—Users might gaze naturally in the center after invoking a thumbnail. Putting your targets out of the natural gaze position will prevent accidental clicks.


We had 2 paths for invoking our VR content

3. It’s important to mock it up in VR

tl;dr — Design comps are great, but you really need to see it in a headset to get an idea of what you’re designing.

Some random scale testing I was working on at the time.

4. It’s all about the feedback

tl;dr — Give your users some feedback when they’ve hovered over something interactive. The more the better, because a VR environment can be pretty distracting.

Some unused design directions, we opted for scale, color, and animation.

Wrapping it up

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