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The Upside of Downturns Summit will bring together thousands of startup teams on October 20th to talk about fundraising, leadership, and resilience in today’s economic climate. A highlight of this event’s virtual program is the Accelerate Exhibition — where 40 of the top companies from Startup Grind’s community will pitch and exhibit for the entire audience. We’re sharing a sneak peek into each of the exhibitors today, but make sure to register for the event (it’s free) and visit their virtual booths in just a few weeks.

Activated Scale, United States

Industry: Marketing / Advertising / Sales

📣 Find them at booth #1

Activated Scale is a marketplace that connects start-up founders with sellers. Connect with pre-vetted US-based sellers that have prior experience selling to your buyer or industry. Hire them part-time or full-time and convert the best to employees!

Activity Savant, United States

Industry: Community

📣 Find them at booth #2

Activity Savant helps community-based organizations create and manage activities and fundraisers. It also links together organizations, businesses, and resources together. Additionally, they provide small underserved, and under-resourced communities with tools to engage with the population and also provide health and human services.

ASKNIGHTS, United Kingdom

Industry: Consumer Goods / Services

📣 Find them at booth #3

ASKNIGHTS is the most selective and curated Art Marketplace with remarkable contemporary art pieces, futuristic top NFT Art & highly curated Crypto Art. They are launching their newest project, which is focused on developing the best and most efficient international platform for the art industry and a global art marketplace. It uses the latest emerging technologies such as NFTs on blockchain and smart contracts for better security, accountability, trust, and transparency.

Biohackn, United Arab Emirates

Industry: Biotechnology

📣 Find them at booth #4

Biohackn is a Dubai-based Anti-aging and health company that uses ancestral wisdom and modern science to deliver products that help reverse aging, bringing back that boundless energy, peak performance state and improving overall health. They are committed to providing you with science-backed hacks that you can use every day to enhance your quality of life.

Brickken, Spain

Industry: Blockchain/Crowdfunding

📣 Find them at booth #5

Brickken is a decentralized protocol whose objective is to bring companies’ capital on-chain through the tokenization process. Companies on the blockchain have the ability to manage their equity more efficiently and, in addition, issue Security Token Offerings as a crowdfunding mechanism for their own capital or for any assets they have or want to acquire, without the need for intermediaries.

Buzzup, Italy

Industry: Agriculture

📣 Find them at booth #6

BuzzUp creates IoT devices that listen to and translate the sound of bees into pollination performance and health data to help farmers increase crop yields, beekeepers increase profits, and help save bees in an increasingly difficult climate.

Dovetail Electric Aviation, Australia

Industry: Airlines/Aviation

📣 Find them at booth #7

Dovetail Electric Aviation is leading regional aviation into an exciting new, sustainable era with nil emission, electric-powered aircraft. It is at the forefront of developing, certifying, and distributing electric-powered, nil emission propulsion systems for existing commuter aircraft — converting legacy aircraft into electric aircraft. Aside from zero-emission flights, the benefits to the operator include significantly lower adoption costs, energy costs, and maintenance costs.

Dropstat, United States

Industry: Health Care

📣 Find them at booth #8

Dropstat uses proprietary algorithms to help enterprise healthcare facilities fill shifts faster while cutting down on agency and overtime costs. It is a nurse-founded company leveraging technology to ensure safe patient care despite staffing shortages and volatile costs.

DuploCloud, United States

Industry: Software Development

📣 Find them at booth #9

DuploCoud is a no-code infrastructure automation software. Provisioning applications 10x faster. It offers an end-to-end DevOps software platform for dev teams without dedicated DevOps engineers and augments those who do. The platform automates the provisioning of your application to the cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure), integrating cloud ops, DevOps, and security/compliance with 24x7 monitoring and support. The software runs in your cloud account and is accessed through our UI, Terraform, or API.

Educate Online, United States

Industry: Education

📣 Find them at booth #10

Educate Online is a platform for engaging students of all ages in online K-12 study, ESOL, career exploration, university preparation, and internship & mentorship programs. It offers students the three top curriculums in the world: the UK, US, and Canada. Students may choose to study part-time or full-time and have the opportunity to earn their high school qualifications through Pearson Edexcel & Cambridge International or graduate with a US or Canada high school diploma.

Feazy.io, Georgia

Industry: Education

📣 Find them at booth #11

Feazy is a SaaS platform for small and medium-sized academies to scale their business faster and easier. It helps you manage your student profiles through a comprehensive dashboard about payment dues, reminders, course subscription analytics, and much more.

FLOELLE INC, United States

Industry: Health Care

📣 Find them at booth #12

Floelle, Inc. was co-founded with the mission to develop a medical device that will manage and treat women with urinary incontinence by liberating them from using sanitary paper products. Their vision is to make this device available to all women worldwide, and its patented disposable device will block 500 million incontinent women’s urine leaks & generate $414MM of revenue.

GoCoach, United States

Industry: Education

📣 Find them at booth #13

GoCoach is a B2B SaaS Subscription Talent Development Platform that upskills and reskills all employees with a coach marketplace and learning experience platform. They use scalable technology and blended learning to help your employees develop the skills they need to succeed with tailored, relevant, high-quality learning experiences.

Helppo Inc, China

Industry: SaaS

📣 Find them at booth #14

Advances in technology have brought unprecedented changes to life. The recently established 24/7 online learning platform “Helppo” breaks through the time and geographic scope of traditional learning. Through real-time online video teaching, students can follow up on their own learning anytime and anywhere, get individual guidance from the tutor, and conduct interactive academic discussions. Most tutors are from overseas, and some are appointed or graduated from top universities. The field of study is very wide, including English, mathematics, economics, calculus, and public examinations.

iBrainy, Israel

Industry: Education

📣 Find them at booth #15

iBrainy is an app and platform empowering older adults to learn, connect and feel relevant again through artificial intelligence (AI), accessible and educational quiz games, courses & community features. In your personal dashboard, you can see all your achievements & scores. You also find their suggestion that is personal for you, based on your preferences and needs.

iCodejr.com, United Arab Emirates

Industry: Education

📣 Find them at booth #16

iCodejr.com is an online coding academy. They offer live online coding classes for students from Grade 1–12 with a world-class STEAM curriculum. iCodejr’s after-school classes help students gain a competitive advantage in computer science and complement their in-school curriculum. It helps them build efficiency in game design & development, app design & development, web design & development, and data science & ML.

Jelloow, United States

Industry: Marketing / Advertising / Sales

📣 Find them at booth #17

Jelloow is a cloud-based web application where startups or any growing company can match with qualified marketing agencies to get support for their digital marketing/growth needs. The platform creates liberty for both startups and digital marketing agencies to do business together on a common platform. Jelloow has been successful in creating an ecosystem and focuses on generating revenue by subscribed agencies.

Kimby, United States

Industry: Fintech / Finance

📣 Find them at booth #18

Kimby is a platform to invest in one-of-a-kind precious gemstones for investors worldwide. Time and again, precious gemstones have shown to be an alternative asset class that provides a hedge for long-term investors and risk-adjusted returns. However, the alternative asset class is commonly compared to private bonds or real-estate verticals. Investors struggle to enter this investment category efficiently due to the industry’s lack of transparency and expensive entry barriers. Hence, Kimby developed a private investment platform for accredited investors seeking alternative investments in collectibles such as precious gemstones.

Lets Join In Pty Ltd, Australia

Industry: SaaS

📣 Find them at booth #19

Lets Join In is the first Social Engagement Platform that generates conversations between organizations and their intended audience. The application allows organizations to have two-way communication with audiences on hot topics, curated content, and news articles using video, audio, and instant messaging. Organizations can utilize their technology to maximize engagement whilst also gathering real-time data and analytics from user feedback.

Mauisoft Enterprises, Honduras

Industry: Information Technology / Services

📣 Find them at booth #20

Mauisoft Enterprises empowers youth in Latin America and give the business world lean ambassadors with the tech and business skills granted at their free-online training center.

Maxwell, United States

Industry: Human Resources

📣 Find them at booth #21

Maxwell is a work/life benefits platform that helps teams crush it at work and home. It makes it easy for employees to get the meaningful and personalized support they need from their employers, and in return, employers get engaged teams that can crush it at work and home. A single platform for lifestyle benefits, traditional benefits, employee wellbeing, rewards, and engagement. Keep your teams productive and cared for, while reducing costs and HR’s administrative work.

Metasonixx ltd, United Kingdom

Industry: Manufacturing / Industrial Find them at booth #22

Metasonixx engineers materials that give unprecedented control over sound and noise. It delivers solutions based on standard materials (e.g. metal, plastic, wood, paper) but re-engineered into “acoustic metamaterials,” giving existing products the ability to shape and bend sound. Their designs take inspiration from devices that shape light — like lenses, holograms, and LCD displays — and give their customers unprecedented control over sound in their own products.

Motil, United States

Industry: Software Development

📣 Find them at booth #23

Motil is an all-in-one software solution for the self-employed, side hustlers, and freelancers to manage commission-free payments and receivables, and enables calendar scheduling and client booking/engagement with a referral optimization tool — all from one dashboard on virtually any device. Its mission is to grow and empower local economies by unlocking individuals’ full potential and skills.

Next Decentrum Technologies Inc, Canada

Industry: Blockchain

📣 Find them at booth #24

Next Decentrum is on a mission to democratize access to art and culture by helping museums reimagine their experience, leverage their physical assets, and capitalize on the endless possibilities of the Metaverse. Next Decentrum’s product, Momentable, allows leading museums and artists to publish art and artifacts as digital collectables to reach new audiences around the world, generate perpetual revenue, and create experiences never before possible that inspire, educate, and bring people together. Next Decentrum provides an end-to-end offering, an advanced creator dashboard, powerful storefront with curated artworks and artifacts, and a safe NFT collecting experience.

OTIS AI, United States

Industry: Artificial Intelligence

📣 Find them at booth #25

Otis is a digital marketing app that simplifies the experience for users with powerful AI technology that works in the background to maximize your success with digital marketing. It’s easy to use, portable and empowers the users to create their own campaign anytime. The clear metrics show how well your campaign is doing in real-time.

Paiid, Canada

Industry: Fintech / Finance

📣 Find them at booth #26

Paiid is an omnichannel payments platform that enables businesses to accept e-commerce and mobile payments from over 100 different payment types across the globe, including card schemes, digital wallets, Buy Now Pay Later, SMS, QR code and digital currencies. They are on a mission to transform every mobile phone on the planet into a payment terminal.

Philanthrofi, United States

Industry: SaaS

📣 Find them at booth #27

Philanthrofi is a global platform connecting companies to the impact they aspire to create in the world. Companies can invest or partner with active development, humanitarian, and philanthropic projects implemented by Impact Organizations around the world that align with their strategic investments, business operations, expansion markets, and other ESG & Sustainability goals.

Picap, Colombia

Industry: Logistics / Supply Chain

📣 Find them at booth #28

Latin America’s $1T logistics market is fragmented and undergoing a massive transformation as eCommerce, and B2B logistics require more technology-enabled offerings. Picap built the biggest fleet of motorcycles in Latin America using a ride-hailing model. They use the technologies that help you control your logistics and fleet’s deliveries.

RMI Insights, United States

Industry: Fintech / Finance

📣 Find them at booth #29

RMI Insights automates three-statement financial modeling by allowing their clients — asset managers and lenders — to ingest company financials “as is” and visually project how these companies will perform in the future. They use Machine Learning technology to automate and democratize financial modeling for everyone.

Safe Haven, Belgium

Industry: Blockchain

📣 Find them at booth #30

Safe Haven is building DeFi solutions for safely managing, storing, and transferring your crypto or other digital assets like NFTs, passwords, pictures, and documents. Its solutions include decentralized inheritance, master node solutions, wallets, and pooling services. With a focus on security, they provide decentralized financial, backup, inheritance, and data transfer products for individual consumers and established organizations

ScootRoute, United States

Industry: Transportation/Mobility

📣 Find them at booth #31

ScootRoute is a mobile navigation app for micro-mobility. Combining three different mapping technologies with real-time traffic data, ScootRoute finds the ideal route for every scooter journey. Additionally, constant updates let riders keep pace with fast-changing local regulations and a growing scooter infrastructure. ScootRoute has intelligence on speed limits, bike lanes, parking zones, sidewalk rules, and more.

Scytale, Israel

Industry: Cybersecurity

📣 Find them at booth #32

Scytale is the global leader in SOC 2 compliance automation, helping security-conscious SaaS companies get compliant and stay compliant. Scytale’s SOC 2 experts offer personalized guidance to streamline compliance, enabling faster growth and boosting customer trust.

SkliQ, United States

Industry: Technology / Service

📣 Find them at booth #33

SkliQ is a Human Intelligence Platform as a Service (HIPaaS) for organizations of all sizes where its internal people can find, connect and collaborate with their global colleagues based on their top skills. With this, your organization can engage a global workforce and facilitate collaboration between co-workers across locations.

SkyVest, Oman

Industry: Investment Management/Cryptocurrency

📣 Find them at booth #34

SkyVest is a comprehensive platform to facilitate cryptocurrency trading. Its goal is to be your safe and reliable companion in the complex world of cryptocurrencies and to be able to remove obstacles and difficulties in the path of growth in the digital world. They connect investors to market analysts and build trust between the two groups. It also allows investors to use the experiences of professional traders and strengthens the motivation of professional traders to share their experiences.

Startupy. United States

Industry: Information Technology / Services

📣 Find them at booth #35

Startupy matches engineers and entrepreneurs based on rate and project fit. Their easy-to-use platform helps engineers find their dream projects & collaboration opportunities, whereas startups can find people they can afford and have the right skill set. Join a community of developers and entrepreneurs looking for their next big opportunity.

The Black Book, United States

Industry: Marketing / Advertising / Sales

📣 Find them at booth #36

The Blackbook is a web extension that connects people to black-owned brands as they shop online. Its mission is to connect black consumers and black businesses in a way that’s easy, meaningful, and helpful. They believe that the platform is an effective way to redirect black dollars back to the community.

Virtual Operative Services, South Africa

Industry: SaaS

📣 Find them at booth #37

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you are wearing more than one hat, which can be frustrating and exhausting. Virtual Operative Services will take over all the tedious tasks that keep you busy but unproductive. It is a subscription-based Virtual Admin Team Capacity app for Startups, Scale-ups, and SMEs needing internal teams.

Vital Start, United States

Industry: Health Care

📣 Find them at booth #38

Vital Start Health is a University of Pennsylvania startup that has developed the first maternal mental health platform using VR for equitable, personalized, clinically guided care for mothers across the maternity continuum from pre-pregnancy/fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum.

Zorion, United Kingdom

Industry: Fintech / Finance

📣 Find them at booth #39

Zorion is an innovative, ethical, and socially responsible investment platform that puts equal focus on smart decision-making, ESG concerns, and spirituality. They believe everyone should have the opportunity to increase their Financial well-being through investments. It should be easy, safe, reliable, and ethical. The platform makes it easy to invest in stocks, whether you’re just getting started or already a pro

221e srl, Italy

Industry: Computer Hardware Manufacturing

📣 Find them at booth #40

221e is a pioneer in wearable sensors that offers knowledge in algorithm modeling, electronic engineering, and design. They surf the wave of IoT and wearable systems, merging advanced hardware designs with intelligent software architectures driven by an approach devoted to continuous improvement, solid engineering skills, curiosity, and passion for data and its science.



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