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Accelerate: 10 Startups Making Waves

Produced by The Startup Team

At Startup Grind, we are honored to highlight this collection of Accelerate Startups that are making waves across their industries. Did you know? Over 99% of businesses are considered “small” — but these startups are by no means small-minded or lacking tenacity.

Our Accelerate Program is excited to showcase these profound entrepreneurial ventures and the rockstar teams behind them. Check out these 10 amazing startups working tirelessly to break barriers and push the boundaries of what a “small business” can do.

Industry: Education

Remote learning has taken off like a rocket to space, leaving a lot of students and teachers feeling overwhelmed by this new learning experience. Educate Online helps children receive high-quality foreign education, in-person and remotely, as well as assist in the college application process. Their team provides students aged 5–19 with the opportunity to learn in the US school system, earn a US State diploma, all without leaving their home country. With more than 60 subjects to choose from, Educate Online uses modern technology to create a more flexible and cohesive learning environment.

Industry: FinTech / Finance

Few things feel better than the power of charitable giving. GVNG is on a mission to create a simple and safe way to manage all your charitable giving in one place, all while maximizing your individual impact and tax benefits. This passionate team of change-makers is bringing the influence of donations to the hands of citizen philanthropists. This virtual wallet is available to individuals, employers, and financial institutions, providing a wide reach for anyone and everyone with a giving spirit. With no minimum deposits or out-of-pocket fees, GVNG is a no-brainer for anyone looking to spread financial love. “No one has ever become poor by giving” a quote by Anne Frank that the GVNG team lives and breathes by.

Industry: Real Estate / Construction

Advanced Autoponics is a boutique engineering firm dedicated to developing a modular hydroponic and aeroponic system — essentially making growing plants easier for those in biophilic and commercial growing markets. No more worrying about plant placement being too high or low, or overthinking soil or watering; Advanced Autoponics is making the sky the limit. Their solutions allow design firms and growers to customize according to their specific needs. These easy-to-install models offer adjustable water heights, unique zone root management, data collection, and automation to ensure all plants receive the best care possible.

Industry: Education

Job searching and employment transitions may be anxiety-inducing and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way. GoCoach brings together a team of coaches from a variety of industries to assist people in the job search process. Their mission is to provide opportunities to teach hard and soft skills to young professionals, ultimately giving them a leg up with future employers. This talent development platform enables anyone, from entry-level to experienced managers, the ability to learn new skills with their coach. GoCoach is making a learning experience platform accessible, giving people the tools they need to grow in a transparent, safe, and supportive work environment.

Industry: FinTech / Finance

Cedar is an innovative and profound next step in digital personal finance. With the Cedar Credit Builder, you are able to build credit by turning bills and subscriptions you already pay into credit-building opportunities. It’s as easy as 1,2,3; by simply adding the Cedar card as your payment method, you can build up your credit score without changing your lifestyle.

Industry: SaaS

FIVG is a unique, customized SaaS for the Annuity Index (Fixed, Indexed, Variable). FIVG is designed to act as a central platform for not only your carriers or products, but also rates, tear sheets, compliance, and database management. These custom software solutions are focused on clients and efficiency, optimized entirely around your needs. Setting up your individual dashboard has never been easier with FIVG.

Industry: Wellness / Fitness

The past year has been a turbulent one to say the very least, with few people feeling tranquil and at peace. Vortle, a virtual reality safe space, is here to help with that. These digital sanctuaries are designed to reduce anxiety through visual, audio, and gaming content. The wellness app harnesses the guidance of psychologists to create the ultimate relaxation experience.

Industry: Transportation / Mobility

Who doesn’t love electric scooters?! ScootRoute is making it easier than ever to enjoy this mode of transportation without the risk of using busy streets. This mobile navigation app is specially designed for micro-mobility. Their team makes it safer to ride by creating custom routes optimized with bike lanes, paths, and lower speed limits. Never worry about reckless drivers while scootering again, ScootRoute has you covered.

Industry: Human Resources

Glints is here to bridge the gap between applicants and employers. Their team focuses on providing assistance to other startups, by building exceptional teams in a high-touch approach with competitive costs. They also run a social impact program to support youth from low-income groups, helping them learn and improve tech skills for their future careers. This is not only Southeast Asia’s largest talent platform; Glints is your place for all things career and recruitment, while actively striving to give back to the community.

Industry: Information Technology / Services

Never miss out on connections again! CometChat is making it almost too easy to add chat, text, voice, and video, to your websites and mobile apps. This SaaS product is a business tool working to increase user engagement and boost retention across your digital platforms. By quickly connecting all users to each other, CometChat is the tool you didn’t know you needed for your business.

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