All the Public Startup Pitch Decks in One Place

A few weeks ago, Joshua Levy and I announced we were starting work on The Open Guide to Startup Fundraising. To say the guide is growing to considerable size would be an understatement. As we continue work, I thought it would be criminal not to share pieces of it along the way for founders who need the guide now not soon.

Part of what’s so cool about our guides is that the community helps build them. Looking for help last week, I tweeted a short list of great pitch decks I had collected. Thanks to the community and a bit more Googling, I’ve assembled the following list of reference pitch decks for founders to view when building their own:

Actual Fundraising Pitch Decks

If a month feels like a lot of time to assemble a list of pitch decks, here’s a preview of The Open Guide to Startup Fundraising.