Check the Final Agenda for the Startup Grind Barcelona 2018 Conference

TL;DR: We’re so excited to share the agenda for this year, check it out here:

Recap of last year

October 2017 saw the birth of the first Startup Grind regional conference in Barcelona, which, against all odds, turned out to be a big success.

Not only did we manage to avoid all the political turbulence (we were right in the middle of it!), but we also managed to attract business from everywhere else in the world.

A staggering 700 entrepreneurs came to the conference from as far as the US, Russia or Central Africa. We had a hundred investors showing up during the two days of the conference. Ten speakers flew from Silicon Valley to share their experiences and founder stories with us. Sponsors and partners and attendees alike rated the conference with a solid 8.6 out of 10, which is not bad for an MVP of a conference.

But the biggest impact we’ve created was in the city of Barcelona. Two of the companies invited to speak opened an office in Barcelona, one of the main speakers started to invest in Barcelona-based companies, we struck a deal with another company that is now actively investing and helping startups in our community to reach bigger and more global markets. And that’s just off the top of my head.

Take a look at the highlights video from last year:

Yeah, right, but what about this year?

This year, we’ve decided to shift more towards tech.

Barcelona has positioned itself as a center for tech in the last years. Companies like Dow Jones, N26, Microsoft, Satellogic, Lovetoknow, Amazon, and many more have decided to create their development centers in Barcelona, thus attracting tech talent from all over the planet.

More will follow. Of that, I am sure.

That’s why we’ve invited a bunch of them to talk about it. Why is Barcelona such a great place to create a development team? N26 and Dow Jones are perfect examples of this, and their CPO and CTO respectively will share their stories, as well as insights from their career.

It’s worth mentioning that this is not a conference only for developers. This is a conference for entrepreneurs and people genuinely interested in tech as a whole: UX, SaaS, hiring devs, remote management, product, AI, etc.

We will be talking about product, with N26’s CPO, Lorenz Jüngling, but also with Ironhack’s VP Agus Tonna, and Svetlana Velikanova (CEO at Harbour.Space) in a round table about the future of education, and how their respective learning programs are disrupting the traditional methods.

We will also talk about how tech can battle the online phenomenon of fake news, with the co-founder and VP of Wikitribune, Orit Kopel, a worldwide-known expert on the right to be forgotten online, and Josh Feldberg, co-founder of Rentify, who is now Head of Digital for campaigning agency for and also works as a special advisor to the British Government on Fake News and social media policy.

Tech companies also need investment, so we will have Alexis Bonte, from Atomico, talking about how VCs evaluate tech companies, even when it’s really not their forte.

We will also talk about biotech, and the comparison between Barcelona and San Francisco startup ecosystems with Alta Life Sciences founder Miguel Valls.

Most of the talks will focus on what’s to come, the future, but we will talk about the present too. Travelperk’s co-founder, Javier Suárez, will share the lessons learnt during their latest $21M round, which they completed successfully just about a week ago.

Tech can change the world, and it’s already doing it. We will talk about truly global products with the co-founder of Codecademy, Ryan Bubinski, and how to partner with massive tech corporations with Josep Mitjà, who exited his company Wuaki TV to Rakuten.

Founders, C-levels and investors of companies like Revolut, Tangelo Games, MarsBased, Chartboost, Google, Shazam and many many more — see them all here — will be speaking at our conference in November 13–14th.

Will you miss it?

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