How To Get On The Cap Table Of High-Growth Startups!

Best Get Rich Quick Scheme Of The 21st Century!

There are many ways of getting rich, but even fewer legal ones. As an middle class American, getting rich has always been part of the dream-along with a “white picket fence.” So how do you get rich quick in the next 4–7 years?

“The Key is to get on the cap table of high growth startups”

High growth startups are companies such as snap, blueapron, uber etc on the earlier stage and google, facebook, amazon, on the later stage. Imagine if you had equity in the companies listed above from when they were just infants, you’d be a millionaire!

Below I’ve identified 4 ways to get on the cap table of high growth startups so you can not only get rich but also quickly! This guide is for non-accredited and accredited investors alike!

1. Entrepreneur

The surest way to make money quickly and by quick I mean 3–5 years is by launching your own company and becoming an entrepreneur! Along with making money, you would hone in on essential entrepreneurial skills needed to thrive in the future.

Beware, entrepreneurship is hard, you will fail, that is how you succeed. If you consider yourself risk averse, two and three are still viable options for you!

2. Employee

Joining a high growth startup is a great method to get on the cap-table especially if you consider yourself to be risk averse. As an early employee, you will have the opportunity to not only vest early employee stock options, but you will also have the opportunity to gain expertise in your field. This allows you to lead your division as the company scales! ex, VP, CMO, CTO etc.

This plan and strategy can be difficult though because the most meaningful(unicorns) startups tend to huddle in silicon valley or Stockholm. You may have a little more difficulty in other markets such as New York, Chicago , Minneapolis Austin, Boston etc

3. Consultant

If you don’t want to be an employee, you have the option of selling your services as a consult. A tactic that I’ve seen work is to get paid in half cash and half stock options that vest month over month.

Be careful though because if done wrong, people will think you’re a “culture vulture” in sinking your teeth into startups.

Start with value first by offering high quality unsolicited services. You can easily hit singles and doubles over 5 years of consulting for equity!

4. Angle Investing

With the advent of REG D equity crowdfunding, anyone can angle invest, non accredited and accredited alike!

A great way to start is by joining a syndicate on angel list led by an experienced angel! WARNING Invest no more than five percent of your net-worth and as with any gamble, be ready to LOSE IT ALL!

When you get rich quickly…

This is just a short thought on the gaining of a dream for your startup. As you can see, anything worth having takes work — it takes hard work. Get rich quick is always — get rich quick after working your butt off for 7–10 years. Hopefully these suggestions can give you a leg up somewhere.

So, good luck in your journey of chasing the good ole’ American dream! I hope this article was able to shed some light on new paths of attaining your goal!

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