Make it out here, make it anywhere.

Resilience: The #1 trait of startup founders

You need to be pushed.

You will get shoved.

Every innovator needs a healthy balance between friend and foe.

And some who seem like enemies may actually be your biggest motivator.

You’ll need to choose your battles.

But never forget that it’s all part of the plan.

Your resilience is one of the most important things you carry on this path.

Resilience is…

  • Not giving up when you reach hard times.
  • Staying positive when there are challenges.
  • Supporting and protecting your team.
  • Always leading by example.
  • Making quick, but thoughtful decisions.
  • Overcoming negativity and doubt.
  • Working smart, hard and all of the above.

Resilience is not…

  • Flip flopping often.
  • Forgetting where you came from.
  • Using blame to shield yourself.
  • Doubting yourself when there isn’t a right answer.
  • Using IQ without EQ.
  • Refusing to change, ever.
  • Letting only the loudest voices be heard.

I’ve seen startups from the inside and out persevere by being resilient cockroaches that won’t ever, ever quit.

They are the founders that are magnetic. You are drawn to them. You support them. They will win at this startup or the next.