Secret Sauce: Learn the growth strategies behind Spotify, Instagram & HubSpot

If you’re in marketing, product or growth, it’s hard to ignore the rise in the term “growth hacking”. With so much noise in the industry, it’s even more difficult to understand the differences in growth hacking as a process that contributes to sustainable customer and revenue growth vs. implementing “silver bullet” tactics that contribute to unsustainable fleeting growth.

Growth Hacking, as it was originally intended, is taking a product that provides real value to customers and using a highly iterative experimentation process working across the full customer journey to identify the biggest opportunities for improvement.

At this year’s GrowthHackers Conference, we’ll offer a unique perspective into how some of the fastest growing companies are systematically approaching and scaling their customer and revenue growth.

To understand exactly how these companies are growing their customers and revenue, current and former heads of growth from companies like Duolingo, Transferwise, Spotify, Mozilla, Uber, Facebook, Pandora, Adobe, Hubspot, Instagram, and more will share their experience in unlocking massive growth at their companies.

Lessons learned range from building growth teams, running an iterative experimentation process, and finding the highest impact tests that lead to sustainable growth.

What you can expect at #GHConf17

We’ll be starting the day off with a topic that gets me absolutely fired up…

Breaking the myths of growth hacking.

As the founder of the term, Sean Ellis will take this topic head on to set the record straight. Growth Hacking is not simply finding one “hack” that will sky-rocket any business’ growth. That concept is unsustainable and doesn’t take into consideration the value a product is providing customers.

Growth is about understanding your most valuable customers and building an integrated system for creating more people like them. From customer acquisition through activation, retention and referral, your entire company plays a role in accelerating growth, which takes us to the next section of the day…

How fast growing companies are scaling growth.


Learn first-hand from the CEO and Chief Inventor of Ring, Jamie Siminoff, on Ring’s mission to reduce crime in communities and empower consumers by creating a “ring” of security around homes and neighborhoods.

In September 2013, Jamie was rejected on Shark Tank and broke. Fast-forward to today where Jamie has raised $209 million from some of the world’s top investors and growth is skyrocketing.


Gina Gotthilf, VP of Growth at Duolingo, will go into the tactics and processes they used to reach 170 million people and drive their mission of changing lives with access to free language education. And maybe if we’re lucky, Gina will elaborate on her unexpected pitch to President Obama.


Nilan Peiris, VP of Growth at Transferwise, will elaborate on the mission driven marketing that has helped scale the company from 60 employees to 700 strong.


What if you’re an established enterprise company looking to grow a specific product line? Thibault Imbert, Head of Growth at Adobe Spark, will share what it takes to recruit and build a growth team within an enterprise business.

These stories are bound to leave you inspired and wanting more. From there, we’ll break it down to the foundations to ensure you understand HOW companies are modeling and using data to predict and impact sustainable customer and revenue grow.

Understanding the foundations of growth.

Buckle up, growth experts from Mozilla, Pandora, the Growth Lab @ Google, Instagram, Spotify, Uber, Facebook, and more will unpack the building blocks of successful growth from their hands-on experience.

Growth Models

A good model can bring together the different levers of growth (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue) to help teams understand where their efforts can make the biggest impact to overall customer/revenue growth. Get a real-life example of a growth model as well as an understanding on how companies are using growth models to predict growth.

Providing Value

In this day & age, a valuable product can spread like wildfire. But if no one knows how awesome your product is, your product is as good as dead. Learn how getting new users to an “a-ha!” moment by quickly delivering value increases overall virality of a product.

Getting more “Happy Path” Customers

What’s the use of spending a bunch of money to acquire new users if you can’t keep them around? We’ll have a session covering how to get more users on a “happy path” by identifying behaviors and trends of users that are engaged and happy with your product.

Keeping Users Engaged

With so many apps on the market today, keeping app users engaged is more important than ever. These growth experts will help you understand how in-app growth patterns can improve engagement, retention and customer lifetime value (LTV).

Building Customer Advocacy

Consumers today want to be part of exclusive tribes, they want social capital and they want to create meaningful impact. Learn how this intent translates into advocates that refer your product to others and increase customer retention.

Once you understand the foundations of growth, it will be much easier to identify the holes of a “leaky bucket” that need patching to improve the ROI of your marketing spend, which takes us to the next section…

Adding fuel to the fire with acquisition.

In the final section of the day, we’ll finally jump into the exciting customer acquisition tactics that drive growth. But rather than silver bullets, these tactics are much more likely to work because they add fuel to a strong value delivery foundation we’ve covered in the first parts of the day.

Brought to you by some of the top practitioners in acquisition, the last two hours of sessions will be jam-packed with breakdowns of the latest and greatest acquisition channels and how you can use them at your company to amplify your valuable product.

Networking with growth-minded people.

This day is going to leave your head spinning with ideas as well as connections to top growth practitioners from around the world. Use this event as an opportunity to meet and spitball ideas to grow your business with other attendees. You’ll want to keep in touch with this crowd!

Whether you’re in marketing and want to understand how to improve your budget’s ROI, completely new to growth hacking and looking to learn the fundamentals or you’ve been doing growth and want some inspiration on how to improve your process and find new tests, this event is for you.

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