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There are only a few days left until Startup Grind’s Startup Summit & Global Conference. After months of anticipation, we are thrilled to finally announce this year’s Accelerate startups!

What does it mean for these startups to be on Accelerate?

Accelerate is Startup Grind’s invite-only track for top startups from the global membership. Accelerate Startups, which consist of the Top 5%, are given exclusive access to Startup Summit — an intensive half-day bootcamp prior to Global. At the Conference, they’ll have access to investor introductions, tailored roundtable discussions, curated networking, pitches, and more!

Startup Summit will feature world-class experts from Y Combinator, DCM, Union Square Ventures, Antler, Maven, Initialized Capital, and leaders from innovative teams at Oracle, Toptal, GitLab, DocSend, and more. We hope to provide these top startups with the education, connections, and exposure they need to continue growing.

This year’s companies at a glance

88 companies from 24 countries made the list, including the US, UK, Australia, Singapore & France. They were selected through a variety of criteria, including unique market insight, traction/product potential, market size/potential, founding team experience, competitive moats (e.g. network, patents, etc.), market timing, and more.

Here’s a breakdown of this year’s cohort:

Startup Grind’s Accelerate Startups 2021

Let’s see who made it…

Check out the 2021 Accelerate Startups to watch out for at the Conference here. Our team knows a lot of you will want to get in touch and we’re happy to help facilitate these connections. If you would like an introduction to any of the startups, email us at startup@startupgrind.com with the reasons for your interest.

United States
8base.com — SaaS
8base is an affordable, low-code development platform for building digital products.

United States
adam.ai — SaaS
adam.ai is an intelligent meeting management platform for the modern workplace.

United Kingdom
AdditiveFlow.com — Manufacturing/Industrial
Software for optimizing engineering — Unique multi-property, multi-physics, multi-material additive, and advanced manufacturing.

AeroGuest.com — Travel
A true Touch Free digital guest can use their personal mobile phone to check-in, pay for the hotel stay, open the hotel door, communicate, and check-out.

United States
Agtools — Agriculture
A worldwide SaaS platform for real-time data analytics, reports & forecasts to optimize the food & agricultural supply chain.

Ajua.com — SaaS
Ajua is Africa’s first Integrated Customer Experience company for businesses on the continent.

United States
Animal-ID.net — SaaS
ANIMAL ID is an analytics platform for manufacturers of pet products.

United States
Aphrodite.io — SaaS
Online ads are a black box. Aphrodite makes it crystal clear.

United States
Assemble Technologies — Marketing / Advertising / Sales
Assemble matches organizations small and large with elite independent contractors on demand.

Ayoconnect — Fintech / Finance
Ayoconnect connects billers, consumer platforms and aggregators via one open network that is accessible by everyone via one central API.

BIOND — Biotechnology
BIOND empowers diversity in biological studies by engineering microchips.

Bioo — Renewable / Environment
Electricity from nature. Generating energy from plants’ photosynthesis.

BITA — Fintech / Finance
BITA is the world’s first provider of end-to-end infrastructure for index-based and systematic investing.

Brevel — Food / Beverage
Brevel developed a technology that reduces costs of microalgae by more than 90%, opening doors to billion-dollar markets that were previously closed due to the cost barrier.

United States
CEEK VR — Blockchain
CEEK VR is an award-winning streaming service for virtual events and experiences featuring the biggest names in entertainment.

United States
Celitech — SaaS
Celitech is the world’s 1st cellular data eSIM Platform-as-a-Service for online businesses and apps.

United States
QueryPie — SaaS
QueryPie is a compliance-ready database management solution that runs on a web browser.

ClimateTrade — Renewable / Environment
ClimateTrade is the leading climate marketplace that provides offsetting and other sustainable products to organizations directly, without intermediaries.

United States
Consol Freight—Fintech / Finance
ConsolFreight provides SMEs access to trade finance services, taking a holistic risk assessment approach by collateralizing the goods trapped in transit (GTTs).

United States
Didimo—Information Technology / Services
Until now, the creation of high-quality 3D characters was the exclusive domain of Hollywood and AAA games, that is, large production teams of artists, engineers requiring expensive hardware and software.

United States
DigiExt creates a sustainable farm to process product solutions to help stabilize market volatility.

DUCKT—Transportation / Mobility
A disruptive infrastructure for a disruptive industry, the world’s first dedicated and universal micromobility infrastructure solution.

United States
Ember Medical — Health Care
Empowering Telemedicine by creating a cutting-edge software suite to help doctors communicate with their patients continuously and efficiently wherever they are.

United States
FanFood—Information Technology / Services
Online and mobile ordering marketplace for events.

United States
Fashwire — Fashion
Fashwire is a B2C shopping platform and a B2B data hub for designers to improve margins and increase profitability.

United States
Fluree — Information Technology / Services
Fluree is a blockchain-backed data platform built to power the data-driven enterprise.

FXG Video Science & Technology — AR / VR
FXG is an international team devoted to the research and development of Virtual Reality content and technologies.

hungerhub — Logistics / Supply Chain
hungerhub is a food delivery solution for the workspace. They provide the technology and the logistics that connect offices to local restaurants and provide them with an ideal way to order their daily lunches.

United States
ICmed—Health Care
Patient engagement and a nimble TeleHealth platform connecting providers, patients, and families.

Inspector Cloud — Artificial Intelligence
Inspector Cloud is Computer Vision SaaS that helps sales reps of CPG companies to check on their shelf KPI through recognition of the goods.

United Kingdom
InstaDeep — Artificial Intelligence
InstaDeep is an EMEA leader in decision-making AI products and expertise in machine intelligence research and business deployments. They provide a competitive advantage to their partners in an AI-first world.

Czech Republic
IP Fabric—Telecommunications
Providing the foundation for infrastructure programmability by representing network as database.

United Kingdom
Lendwise—Fintech / Finance
Funding education with fair student loans.

United Kingdom
Liveforce—Hospitality / Events
The Event Freelancer Operating System. One Platform. Complete Control.

United Kingdom
Lone Design Club — Fashion
Lone Design Club is revolutionizing retail. With traditional retail struggling, they are the new way to shop. An omnichannel retail platform connecting the independent sustainable brands of tomorrow to the conscious consumer.

Crowdfunding platform for YouTubers.

Mercku — Hardware / IoT
Powered by 450+ patents, Mercku builds world-leading wireless technologies to empower your trusted internet service providers.

United States
Modus Health—Biotechnology
Modus provides best-in-class real-world mobility monitoring for value-based healthcare and research.

United Kingdom
Monadd—Logistics / Supply Chain
Automatic address management across accounts.

Monkee—Fintech / Finance
Monkee helps users to save money for what is important to them and connects retailers to consumers.

United States
Mythic Markets—Fintech / Finance
Mythic Markets makes it easy for fans to invest in their favorite pop culture collectibles.

United Kingdom
Nettoken — Cybersecurity
Nettoken is the control panel for everyday internet users to manage their digital identity. Find all the accounts you signed up to overtime and access, protect and even share them, securely!

Newsadoo—Artificial Intelligence
Spotify for News.

United States
Nichefire—Artificial Intelligence
Better consumer and competitive insights mean better decisions. Nichefire’s Artificial Intelligence collects millions of data-points on brands’ social media strategies, categorizes them, and delivers action plans and recommendations to help optimize your marketing strategies.

United Kingdom
NLSQL empowers front-line employees with intuitive access to poorly-accessible enterprise data to inform and speed business decisions with significant benefits for enterprises.

Outmind—Artificial Intelligence
Outmind is a SaaS knowledge tool allowing you to make text searches within all your tools, to find internal information or the right colleague that can help you.

Overgear—Entertainment / Gaming
Worldwide gaming platform with a mission to help people enjoy the game to the full.

United States
Pandia Health—Health Care
Pandia Health brings prescription birth control to women wherever they have internet and mailbox.

Passbase is an identity verification solution that features liveness detection, age and document verification, and AML compliance in one tool. It can be integrated with just a few lines of code on iOS, Android, and Web.

United States
Pathtronic—Artificial Intelligence
Edge AI platform with 10x to 100x gains in deep learning processing & built-in security for data.

United Kingdom
Paymob—Fintech / Finance
Tap on Phone mobile app by Paymob turns smartphones into card payment acceptance terminals.

Pickmeup Technologies—Automotive
Pickmeup is merging everyday personal needs into an easy to use digital platform for under-developed emerging markets, starting with mobility.

United States
Plant an App—Information Technology / Services
The only app development platform that gives IT teams the speed of low-code without compromising the power and flexibility of custom coding.

United Kingdom
Poplar Studio—AR / VR
3D and AR experiences were once the stuff of futuristic sci-fi — thanks to Poplar Studio though, they are fast becoming a tool for modern businesses of every size and situation. Poplar is an award-winning 3D and AR creative platform that enables the creation of campaigns on-demand.

United States
Promaxo—Health Care
Promaxo is improving the patient care experience by bringing MRI, robotics, & AI-based technologies to an office setting.

Pulsifi—Artificial Intelligence
Pulsifi is building a world of digital twins of our minds to help people improve success in life.

United Kingdom
Qeios—Information Technology / Services
We provide researchers with a platform to produce & publish top-notch, free-to-read research, faster.

United States
Quicket Solutions—SaaS
Quicket provides a cloud-based workflow automation and analytics platform for the public sector.

South Korea
Quota Lab—SaaS
Quotabook is a SaaS-based equity management platform for startups, their investors, and employees that replaces spreadsheets and manual work.

United States
RealKey—Fintech / Finance
RealKey is an innovative provider of digital mortgage technologies that enable bank and non-bank mortgage loan originators (MLOs) to streamline the mortgage processing experience for borrowers.

United States
Reinno—Fintech / Finance
Financial technology company offering a new solution for real estate tokenization, lending, and investing with a focus on providing liquidity.

Social Media and current online communication methods have become unnatural to humans. At Remo, our goal and mission is to create authentic relationships and meaningful connections in our online communications, and to humanize virtual events, in a way where it feels just like attending a physical “real world” event!

Rendin—Information Technology / Services
Rendin is a fair, fast, and flexible long-term home rental platform.

Rental Heroes—Artificial Intelligence
Our AI-powered chat-bot “Alex” communicates directly with your Tenants and takes care of the transactional “busy work”.

United States
SangJen AI—Artificial Intelligence
We help real estate teams get more done less by using existing cameras, AI, and smart workflows to operate 10x better.

United Kingdom
Satis.AI—Artificial Intelligence
AI-powered operational platform for restaurant kitchens aimed at improving decision-making and reducing mistakes.

Schrott24—Renewable / Environment
Managed B2B Marketplace for the $300bn scrap metal industry.

United States
SenSanna—Oil / Energy / Utilities
SenSanna brings connectivity and information to the industries that operate in the world’s harshest conditions.

United States
SHTAR—Fintech / Finance
Shtar integrates accounting software with interconnected bank platforms to automate and simplify the painstaking process of payment management for bookkeepers and comptrollers. We reduce time spent by 96% and improve accuracy by 600%.

United States
Spira creates replacements for petroleum and animal compounds in the supply chain using microalgae.

Smart browser for productive people.

United States
STYCKR—Hardware / IoT
STYCKR is an enabler for parametric insurance. STYCKR fills in this gap and gives insurance companies and their clients a unique framework to collect new data points and to predict risks.

United States
Swit Technologies—SaaS
Frustrated to go back & forth between chat and tasks? Do more together without doing more with Swit.

TechnoCarbon—Manufacturing / Industrial
TechnoCarbon is building the future using the first sustainable high-performance material that can replace cement, steel, aluminum, and other metals.

United Kingdom
Tymit—Fintech / Finance
Tymit has made a new credit card from scratch that is aimed to banish the traditional revolving credit cards. It is fast, simple, transparent and always fair, with best-in-class fraud protection and built by a technology company, not a bank.

Typewise—Artificial Intelligence
Connecting minds with machines.

United States
Unum ID—Cybersecurity
Unum ID turns any mobile app into a virtual ID card with just a few lines of code.

United Kingdom
Upside—Fintech / Finance
Upside helps people save, by reinventing cashback through the power of Open Banking.

UpStride—Artificial Intelligence
We make AI training and deployment more data-efficient & energy-efficient, without trade-off on performance

United Arab Emirates
uqudo—Information Technology / Services
uqudo drives open standards technologies for digital identity, AI, and biometrics.

VIEWAPP—Fintech / Finance
B2B constructor for any types of inspections + app with fraud protection.

VRdirect — AR / VR
VRdirect is the easiest solution for corporates to get started with Virtual Reality.

United States
WealthyLife — Fintech / Finance
Financial Literacy Education Technology Games

Weavit —Artificial Intelligence
Weavit is an intelligence tool that visualises and links all your data.

United Kingdom
Weavr.io —Fintech / Finance
Seamlessly embed banking into any digital application. Bank inside, with Weavr.

X0PA AI—Information Technology / Services
X0PA AI makes hiring and selection a scientific process by use of AI and data science to maximise objectivity to scale for Universities and Enterprises.

YData—Artificial Intelligence
YData provides the first DataOps platform for data science teams that allows the creation of synthetic data at scale that can be used for multiple purposes.

Zvolv is a no-code intelligent process automation platform that enables building complex enterprise applications in days.

If you’d like to get in touch with any of these great startups, reach out to us at startup.membership@startupgrind.com.

If you’re interested in joining the membership to access our amazing benefits and events like these, please apply here. If you just want to attend Global, taking place online February 23–25, 2021, register at startupgrind.com/conference!



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