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Startup Spotlight Q&A: Renata Fernandes — CEO of Aurea Robotics

Renata Fernandes has a degree in Social Communication and 2 MBA`s — one in Marketing and the other in Project Management. With 14 years of experience she is communicative, strategic and passionate about numbers and people.

Aurea Robotics was founded in 2016 and has two other partners. Their artificial intelligence brings ROI above 50% in the first year and is revolutionizing the market with their OWN framework, which is 100% customizable to Customer’s reality and without the need to engage Customer IT.

Please enjoy this Q&A with Renata Fernandes.

In a sentence, what does your company do?

Automate process focusing on “people think and robots do.”

What makes your company/product different in this market?

Our OWN framework and the delivery of a 100% custom robot we’ve already fit to work on the client process.

What was the problem you found and the ‘aha’ moment?

We found that operational tasks, without interaction with other people, are being done by people who cost the customer a lot of money and often make mistakes. People have a very high hour value, no scale, productivity and margin of error tending to zero for processes that do not depend on interaction with other people.

What milestone are you most proud of so far?

Automation of contract management of a product — the team took 42 days to deliver the signed contract and today the robot delivers in 12 days.

What are people most excited by?


Have you pursued funding, and if so, what steps did you take?

Not yet

What KPIs are you tracking that you think will lead to revenue generation/growth?

The indicators that most guarantee the good performance of our company are: project delivery time, customer satisfaction, and potential repurchase projects within the same client.

We must ask ourselves how disruptive we are or want to be, as we are already on a very clear path of aligning technology with everyday tasks.

What is one thing every founder should ask themselves before walking into a meeting with a potential investor?

creating relationships and adopting meritocracy as a human resources policy

How do you build and develop talent?

Grow organically with a lot of transparency and commitment.

How do you manage growth vs sustainability?

Grow with quality while maintaining human relationships with customers.

What are the biggest challenges for the team?

How to delight large and respected customers when we were still a startup with no credentials in the market.

What’s been the biggest success for the team?

Delighting large and respected customers when we were still a startup with no credentials in the market.

What advice would you give to other founders?

Start small, persist, be flexible, and be mindful of customer relationships.

Have you been or are you part of a corporate startup program or accelerator? If so, which ones and what have been the benefits?

Yes — Oracle Startups with the benefits of cloud credit, networking, and mentoring.

Who is your cloud provider?


Learn More about Aurea Robitics and Oracle for Startups



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