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Startup Spotlight Q&A: Welivery

Last-mile delivery is a huge market right now, and amazing startups around the world are working to fill it. Welivery is one of these startups, simplifying delivery for e-commerce providers. Their shipping service is focused on deliveries on the same day for any company or business that sells its products through electronic commerce. We sat down with Welivery’s Chief Marketing Officer Cristina Narváez for a great chat about their company and its many recent successes.

In a sentence, what does Welivery do?

Provide logistics shipping services to companies.

How and when did Welivery come to be?

We were started in 2015 by two Argentine electronic engineers and entrepreneurs, Guido Buscetti Castro and Mauricio Boiko. Our founders wanted a better user experience when they ordered products online and we saw that the last mile of service is where we could focus.

What makes your company/product different in this market?

1. Deliveries flex shipments / same-day shipments. Prices according to the market. API and Plugin integration. Customer service. We make 2 visits to the client’s home at no cost in case it has not been found. We have an easy and fast service to work with (no paperwork or cumbersome processes).

2. Our customers want to get more sales. By hiring us, they have better shipments, therefore happy customers, which is compensated in more sales and a better brand reputation.

What milestone are you most proud of so far?

Our most exciting milestone was opening our second office in another country. From Argentina, we went to Chile, and in Chile, we grew 150% in just 2 months after starting activities.

Have you pursued funding and if so, what steps did you take?

We consider ourselves a camel startup — we don’t need constant investment to keep growing. Instead, we reinvest our profits to help us grow.

What KPIs are you tracking that you think will lead to revenue generation/growth?

If our clients grow, we grow with them.

How do you build and develop talent?

The team has been built little by little, based on the needs that we have detected. We are big on motivating our team.

How do you manage growth vs sustainability?

Through technology. We developed an app for our drivers and distributors that provides order status, helps create efficient routes, and allows them to save photos to confirm deliveries. It also provides security for drivers and customers.

Have you been or are you part of a corporate startup program or accelerator? If so, which ones and what have been the benefits?

We have won contests in Argentina and participated twice in Startupchile, once in the Seed G23 program and then in the Growth1 program. We were the only startup that automatically went from the Seed program to the Growth1 program. We were in the program with startups like Betterfly, the first social unicorn in Chile. We are also currently part of Oracle for Startups.

Who is your cloud provider?

We are multicloud with the most recognized integrations in the market, including Oracle.

What’s been the most significant success for the team?

Expanding to new countries. We started in Argentina and have since expanded to Chile, Columbia, and now Spain.

What are the biggest challenges for the team?

The Covid-19 crisis has put the logistics sector to the test, putting maximum pressure on our response capacity. Tripling and even quadrupling operations in a short time without prior planning was a great challenge. This situation has led us to move agilely without neglecting the quality of our services.

Training our customer service team was another huge challenge as they need to be able to work with end customers and clients. And finally, making sure we automate as much of the process as possible was critical.

What advice would you give to other founders?

Focus on customer loyalty.

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