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Jun 21 · 3 min read

The Global Rise of the Rest is Powered by Oracle

“The Rise of the Rest” is a phrase coined by Steve Case, the visionary co-founder of AOL and author of The Third Wave, to describe the emergence of innovation outside of Silicon Valley and New York. Yet this phenomenon isn’t just limited to smaller cities in the United States — widespread technological advancements are happening globally.

According to a recent report by the Center for American Entrepreneurship, global venture capital deals increased 73% in seven years. Clearly, that’s a lot of new startups. Yet even though the United States remains the global leader, its percentage of the investment pie went from 95% in the mid-1990s to 50% today. That’s a 45% drop.

While centers of entrepreneurship like San Francisco, Beijing, London and Tel Aviv continue to lead the startup scene, the global ecosystem is becoming much more diversified. Why is this change happening so quickly?

We at Oracle believe the key reason is advancements in cloud and mobile technologies.

Empowering the Next Generation of Founders

From the highest ranks of our company, starting with Larry Ellison, we understand the value of supporting emerging businesses. We want to help a new generation of entrepreneurs drive the sort of innovation that builds a better world. As a result, we are dedicated to supporting and accelerating startups at scale through our Oracle for Startups program.

Our goal is for every company that partners with Oracle for Startups to thrive. We want to create a network where every startup not only feels empowered to grow, but also strong enough to support each other.

We see progress happening every day with the startups already in our program, from BotSupply saving 40% in costs and experiencing white-hot growthto a collaboration with the Government of Ghana to support 500 local African startups.

“We moved all our hosting to Oracle Cloud using managed Kubernetes and saved 40% of our hosting costs,” Jenny Griffiths, the Founder and CEO of Snap Tech, said. “We reinvested that cost savings into GPU shapes and have been able to deliver technology we never could have dreamed of. Oracle is instrumental in helping us scale and innovate.”

Startups in our program are benefitting from innovations created in this program. But so are our customers and Oracle. On our end, we want to be challenged to grow and extend beyond the boundaries of corporate innovation — creating a program that delivers value for our startups, our customers and Oracle. This virtuous cycle of innovation is exactly what we aim for.

Helping Your Company Reach the World

How do we help you accomplish your loftiest goals?

First, by establishing a scalable, sustainable and resource-rich program. One where we don’t take equity; we create value and revenue-driving opportunities.

Start with the best technology: Our startups get access to an enterprise-grade cloud solution through free credits, as well as a 70% discount.

Support from products, mentors, and network: They can also tap into Oracle’s world-class product solutions; diverse and experienced mentoring; marketing, events and media exposure; and engagement opportunities with Oracle’s 430,000+ customers. Furthermore, we seek to provide technology support for their development or migration efforts.

Iterate as you iterate: We constantly evaluate, learn and iterate. Our team functions like a startup inside of Oracle. We continually learn and adapt to find the right balance of speed and execution for scalable and successful growth.

As the CAE report referenced above proves, entrepreneurs across the globe are driving the latest technologies that transform our businesses and communities. The “rise of the rest” is indeed a global trend — and one that we aim to support and accelerate.

“The partnership with Oracle has been game-changing for us,” said Peter Lilley, cofounder of iGeolise. “It gives us access to enterprise-grade technology, as well as customers and marketing, and all we have to do is concentrate on our business. And the introductions to customers is quickly turning into real revenue possibilities.”

We’re listening and we’re hereto help: you can sign up to the Oracle for Startups program and get access to our best cloud solutions (credits and 70% discounts), business enablement and marketing resources for your startup today.

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Jason Williamson

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Jason Williamson is VP of Oracle for Startups. I’m a founder, educator, author, & lover of basketball. Father x4 and husband to Susan for 24 yrs in a row.

Startup Grind

The life, work, and tactics of entrepreneurs around the world. Welcoming submissions on technology trends, product design, growth strategies, and venture investing. Learn more about how you can get involved at startupgrind.com.

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