Top 17 Fintech Startups to Watch at Global 2023

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Fintech is rapidly transforming the way we manage our money and do business. With the rise of mobile banking, digital payments, and blockchain technology, the fintech industry is poised for explosive growth in the years ahead.

At this year’s Global Conference, we’re thrilled to showcase some of the most innovative fintech startups in the industry. These companies are leveraging the latest technological advances to create groundbreaking solutions that make managing our finances, investing our money, and accessing financial services easier than ever.

These startups are at the forefront of the fintech revolution, from mobile banking apps to blockchain-based payment platforms. Their technologies are poised to transform the industry in countless ways. Whether you’re a financial professional, an entrepreneur, or simply interested in the future of finance, you won’t want to miss these top fintech startups that will be exhibiting at our conference this year.

In this article, you can take a closer look at the top 17 Fintech startups exhibiting live in Silicon Valley on April 11–12th. If you haven’t got your tickets yet, you can still secure your spot here.

Wallife, Italy

Wallife is an insurance MGA committed to insure new risks generated by technology. Their first policy on the market is the Wallife Biometric ID, an insurance for individuals to protect the smartphone from the cyber risks, including theft of biometric credentials, phishing, malware. The policy is combined with a proprietary technology that analyse the usage of your phone to detect potential digital violations.

YPay Financial Services (Pvt. Ltd.), Pakistan

YPay Financial Services aims to achieve a financially stable Pakistan, by creating easy investment opportunities for everyone. It also aims to provide an autopilot investment platform for millennial investors across the nation.

PAYTOTA , Uganda

Paytota makes payments and payouts equally effortless, helping you to process them in the most stable and cost-efficient way. They offer a flexible, highly scalable, and cost-effective infrastructure to provide merchant services for online businesses of any size and type.

Chaperone Limited, Lesotho

Chaperone is a Technological Company and issuer of Electronic Payment Instruments through its platforms. They are partnering with global and local brands to bring about financial inclusion in Africa. With the help of their bespoke fintech solutions, they are supporting companies to fully digitise their payment processing.

Planworth, Canada

Planworth is a cutting edge B2B SaaS platform for investment advisors and professionals who want to be the trusted guide at every step of a client’s wealth journey. It combines easy-to-use questionnaires and advanced data analytics to put the experience and expertise of a virtual family office at the fingertips of investment advisors and professionals.

INSTO, Taiwan

INSTO Tap is the Skype for credit card payments. Anyone can take credit card payments with just a free app. It is focusing on using innovative technology to bring inclusive financial services such as cash flow collection and installment collection and payment into mobile apps.

SPARE, United States

It is software that empowers local communities to create localised financial services.Small businesses and underbanked consumers have seen rising costs associated with accessing cash. SPARE reduces the merchant expense by up to 75% while eliminating the cost for consumers via their SaaS + Gig Econ model. Retail SMBs pay a monthly fee while consumers are incentivised by bonus cash up to 2% when picking up cash.

Bytese, Singapore

XTsunami represents a group of radically different Web3 trading applications for stocks (Share CFDs) and crypto (Crypto Futures), with a forex trading software coming soon. XTsunami is based on XTblock’s revolutionary core technology, which powers real-time price action analysis & trading tools that provide traders with highly valuable data to enable high-quality trading decisions — unlike any other trading softwares currently available.

Ten Key Labs, Canada

Ten Key Labs is combining experience and expertise to bring emerging technologies to industries at scale.They are creating a trusted and transparent operating system for businesses. It’s team consists of a group of technologists, led by serial founders, who have worked together for over a decade (mobile, enterprise, vehicle connectivity), and now tackling blockchain.

Quantum Electronic Payments LLC, United States

Quantum is a financial technology company that helps businesses of all types and sizes accept payments, increase revenue, and enhance customer experience. With flexible omnichannel solutions, Quantum delivers end-to-end Payments and Growth Technologies that accelerate profits and efficiencies for retail, ecommerce, B2B, and service organizations. Infused with an unyielding commitment to providing industry-leading Customer Care, It is a trusted, vital, easy-to-work-with partner for thousands of businesses

Merlin Investor, United States

Merlin investors is a Fintech company on a mission to democratize access to investment strategies and empower the new generation of retail investors to take full control of their investments. They offer a multi-asset educational, strategising and tracking tool complementary to any trading platform and designed for any kind of retail investor. The Merlin platform is a multi-asset educational, strategising and tracking tool for personal investment strategies, It is complementary to any trading platform and designed for any kind of retail investor.

Datatrixs, United States

Datatrixs transforms accountants from data crunchers to automation experts with a few clicks when serving clients. For accounting firms, Datatrixs is your one central hub to automate the generation of analytical reviews, collaborate, and improve margins. It provides automation to improve margins for accounting firms

Dojah Inc, Nigeria

Dojah is an end-to-end Identity verification and fraud prevention platform. It is on a mission to build Africa’s most robust platform for simple, smart, accessible identity and verification solutions.

GIG-A, Japan

GIG-A is facilitating fully mobile, 100% digital bank accounts in Japan, providing multilingual service and support. They are focusing on financial inclusion and believe that opening a bank account in Japan should take only a few minutes on your mobile. Banking services must be easy to use and everybody should be able to access the full potential of financial services.

Vesti Technology Solutions, United States

Vesti is a global migration fintech company with the vision to simplify mobility of humans and capital. Their mission is to be the go-to provider of legal and financial technology to people intending to migrate, and give them access to financial services like debit cards and bank accounts when they have newly arrived in a new country.

PayQin, United States

PayQin is a Cross-border payment app for francophone Africa. It is a payment solution which enables Individuals and businesses in Francophone Africa to safely and securely pay, transfer, and trade from a single mobile app. It is the only company in Francophone Africa that enables instant cross border transfer — within 7 Francophone countries.

Flex Finance, United States

Flex Finance is an Intuitive spend management solution helping hundreds of thousands of underserved businesses in Africa digitize their over $1.6 trillion annual B2B spending. It helps businesses in Africa manage approval workflow, vendor payments, issuing corporate cards to employees, and making disbursements from one platform.



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