Top 31 SaaS Startups to Watch at Global 2023

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Software as a service (SaaS) has transformed the way businesses operate, with cloud-based solutions becoming the norm for everything from project management to customer service. At our upcoming Global Conference, we’re thrilled to feature some of the most innovative SaaS startups in the industry, whose technologies are revolutionizing the way we work.

These startups are at the forefront of SaaS innovation, developing solutions that address some of the most pressing challenges facing businesses today. From improving employee collaboration to optimizing customer engagement, their technologies are driving efficiencies and unlocking new opportunities for growth.

In the following article, we’ll delve deeper into the leading SaaS startups set to showcase their innovative solutions at our upcoming Global conference. Their products cater to a diverse range of business needs and industries, offering scalability, user-friendliness, and affordability to all entrepreneurs, whether they run small-scale operations or occupy Fortune 500 boardrooms. Join us to stay abreast of the latest SaaS trends and see how these startups are transforming the future of work.

Video Chat A Pro, United States

They help home and auto owners get repair estimates in 20 minutes or less from local businesses. It also allows licensed certified technicians to connect with home and auto owners to instruct them to fix it themselves. It is a Digital Home and Auto Repair Service to Learn How to Fix it.

Philanthrofi, United States

Philanthrofi is a B2B SaaS social enterprise using an A.I. driven platform to connect companies to the impact they aspire to create in the world. Their robust and intuitive matchmaking solution fosters sustainable and highly impactful partnerships between corporations and impact organizations through shared missions, visions & values to transform corporate sustainability from a risk mitigation strategy to an investable commercial strategy.

FAME App Company, South Africa

FAME App Company is a CRM Software and end-user engagement app for the content publishing industry. Their software, hosted online (SaaS) ensures an innovative and agile way to drive cross-channel relationships and centralized efforts while reclaiming ownership of the long-lost market share. It is one of the most contemporary solutions for content publishing and offers licensing packages for all levels of content producers from corporate publishers to free-lance users.

PreSkale, United States

PreSkale is an all-in-one platform for Sales engineering teams to track product performance pre-closure and accelerate the buyer journey. Their platform makes it easier for Sales engineering teams with best-fit resource assignments to improve technical sales closures, uncover product gaps and unblock hidden revenue.

VIDA, Germany

VIDA is a map-based software company. They enable infrastructure investors, banks, governments & energy companies to efficiently and reliably measure, monitor & report their ESG impact. VIDA stands out as the leading solution for fusing customer data with up-to-date geospatial data and a suite of project management functionalities.

Groc, United States

Groc is like “Amazon Go” on your phone. They are a SaaS company making the world’s smoothest checkout experience. Shoppers skip the line, and stores save the sale that walked away. They have customers using their app, and undergoing integration with a B2B enterprise that hosts 30,000 potential sales.

Evolusen, United States

Evolusen is a B2B SaaS Influencer Management platform built for the Hospitality & Travel Industry. Making Influencer Marketing more accessible, measurable, and streamlined with our software and network of vetted Influencers.

NonBinary Solutions, United States

NonBinary Solutions develops systems to power the next generation of autism service providers and their organizations. The value that NBS delivers to this market is the ability to dramatically improve the quality of care, reliability, and replicability of treatment outcomes. It is committed to providing software solutions for critical outcomes that affect thousands of people who are concerned with Quality of Life, and the demonstrated efficacy of applied behaviour analysis.

Uhubs, United Kingdom

Uhubs is a SaaS tool that helps sales teams hire more intelligently, ramp new hires faster and then close more deals quicker. They analyze a range of data sources to create a unique profile, and use AI to provide predictive coaching and training recommendations to close the performance gap.

SuprSend, United States

SuprSend is a flexible notification infrastructure for development teams to send notifications reliably across all channels. Create meaningful cross-channel workflows within hours instead of months, with built-in components for batching, routing, and preferences.

Multitudes, New Zealand

Multitudes integrates with engineering tools (e.g., Github, Linear) to provide dynamic, actionable insights that unlock happier, higher-performing, and more equitable teams. It improves engineering team performance and wellbeing with ethical, data-driven recommendations to unblock work, improve collaboration, and minimize burnout.

ZIZO Technologies, United States

ZIZO is a workforce gamification platform which solves the challenges of low employee engagement and high turnover for enterprises, specifically in the call center industry. It improves the employee experience and retention by leveraging automation and game mechanics.

Nowa, Germany

Nowa is a next-gen platform that puts creativity in the heart of app development. It offers a platform for building native apps with stunning designs for all platforms visually, while keeping the freedom of using code at the same time.

ByteNite, United States

ByteNite has created the world’s first grid computing system that powers high-throughput applications like video encoding, 3D rendering, and computer vision. Our distributed model is based on a patent-pending algorithm that parallelizes the workload efficiently gaining up to 10x in speed relative to standard cloud computing.

Liquit, Netherlands

Liquit offers end-users simple yet dynamic application management, ensuring a consistent, customizable user experience across any device. They not only deliver it to devices, but we can also integrate the intelligent Liquit application Icons in portals like Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint and any other portal. It is a Game Changing End to end Application Management Platform. Any application, anywhere on any device.

Mesibo, United States

Mesibo is a developer-centric communication platform (CPaaS) for developers to add real-time messaging, calls, conferencing, chatbot, etc. in their apps and website. The platform is live and already deployed by over 11,000 developers in over 40+ countries and some of their prominent customers are Venice Airport, Saudi Arabia Government, CapGemini, Moevd Indonesia, etc.

Ayraa, United States

Ayraa is the world’s first enterprise communications SaaS stack, purpose-built for reliable & structured communications in the workspace. Ayraa has taken the best of Email, Chat & Wiki, and reimagined a new platform that creates a visual, self-organizing workspace.

Quantumics.AI, United Kingdom

Quantumics is a no-code data platform to prepare and automate data in minutes targeted at citizen builders. It improves 90% efficiency at 10% of the cost.

Mainstack, United States

Mainstack enables the creator economy with no-code tools to present their best works and receive payments globally. It is an all-in-one platform for non-technical entrepreneurs and creators to showcase and receive payments for their works. They exited public-beta last month at TechCrunch in SF with 20,000+ users in 105+ countries.


KOLONUS digitalizes the end-to-end processes involved in Buildings and Gated Communities, helping Residents/tenants, Property Managers and Security Guards. It is a Proptech SuperApp for gated communities and apartments.

Sakari, United States

Sakari enables SMBs to send personalized SMS messages to customers at scale via their web and mobile apps or via integrations with third party platforms. SMS has a 98% read rate and is one of the most effective channels of communication.

Neula, Poland

Neula is an AI-boosted low-code platform that provides ready-to-use business apps and an environment to build your own app in a few simple steps. The solution has proven to be successful with a number of local clients in such areas as invoice processing, GDPR, claims handling, etc.

Indy, United States

Indy is on a mission to empower Freelancers, by providing them easy to use, affordable and innovative productivity tools & services that enable them to control, grow and stabilize their work life. It provides an all-inclusive-productivity-solution for freelancers, that includes a back office software, networking platform and university.

OneTeg, United States

OneTeg is a No-code iPaaS exchange platform, enabling easy integration between systems. Unifies content & data using user-driven Flows allowing for a simplified Integration across platforms. OneTeg focuses on the eCommerce and Marketing ecosystem to ease and speed up companies’ Digital Supply Chains. Inc, United States is a B2B SaaS Meeting Management platform that allows you to capture, manage, and share knowledge in meetings in the most efficient and seamless way, ensuring effective communication, improved planning and better decision making.

Workee, United States

Workee is creating the Future of Work for freelancers worldwide. They build business for freelancers, helping to scale and autopilot their business routing as bookings, payments, client and work management out of the box with 0% fees.

PixelFree Studio, inc., United States

PixelFree Studio automates web and app creation. Design to Code in one Step — Accelerating front-end development From Months to Minutes.

FlashCloud Intelligence, United States

FlashCloud Intelligence is a cutting-edge Go-to-Market Intelligence company that empowers revenue teams to enhance their efficiency in identifying and engaging with their ideal customer profiles. Their comprehensive solutions integrate sales intelligence and engagement capabilities into a unified interface, enabling revenue teams to streamline their processes and focus on driving better results.

Treblle, Croatia

Treblle is a lightweight SDK that helps Engineering and Product teams build, ship & maintain REST based APIs faster. It empowers engineering teams and API Product Managers by making their APIs easy to understand. Instead of piecing together data from 3 or more different tools, all the data you need is ready and baked for your consumption and data-driven decision making.

Agtools Inc, United States

Agtools provides First Mile MARKET data across the globe of over 500 commodities in real time for farmers, buyers, and others on the food supply chain to execute better planting, harvesting, forecasting, improving financial outcomes, lower risks, and lower CO2 impact.


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