Top Europe Startup Exhibitors to watch for at Global 2023

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This year, our Global Conference is featuring some of the top Europe-based startups that are making waves in the industry. From cutting-edge technology to game-changing business models, these startups are at the forefront of innovation and are paving the way for the future. In this article, we will highlight some of the standout startups you can expect to see at our conference.

CodeMonk.AI, United Kingdom

Industry: Human Resources

Platform for start-ups to build high-performing tech teams of pre-vetted talents using a proprietary machine learning algorithm. With an easy-to-use online dashboard start-ups can scale their tech teams anywhere within days rather than months.

RAB Microfluidics, United Kingdom

Industry: Hardware / IoT

RAB Microfluidics is enabling real-time oil monitoring. They diagnose early signs of failure in lubricated machinery and prevent equipment failure using our patented microfluidic technology and AI technology.


Industry: Sports

FanSupport is the unique digital conditional support platform to generate sustainable, transparent and traceable revenue for the global sports industry including clubs, associations, federations and athletes.

LOV+R, France

Industry: Other

Love pods for festivals and events with a booking and dating app to create a community for sex-positivity and like-minded people.

QuickLegal, Romania

Industry: Law / Legal

Bridging the gap between clients and top legal professionals. QuickLegal is a complete legal solution whose matchmaking algorithm connects users with the most suited specialized lawyers and brings them to interact in a fully remote, virtual office. Via RPA and AI technology. Redundant tasks are automated, legal information is instantly provided via robo-attorney, agreements are easily signed, standard documents filled out, and the reduced billable hours are easily charged and invoiced to clients.

Vault Security Systems AG, Switzerland

Industry: Information Technology / Services

Vault Security Systems AG’s flagship brand ivault uses Blockchain technology to optimize supply chains for businesses and ensure asset tracking in a state of art matter. ivault also helps consumers through our patented innovative app to make this world a better place, through their sharing economy and lost and found function.


Industry: Entertainment / Gaming

As a new, self-sufficient and fast-growing digital leisure medium, lively story is set to become an integral part of entertainment offerings worldwide. By breaking the boundaries between books, audiobooks, music, movies and special effects, lively story provides the next level of entertainment.

OroraTech, Germany

Industry: Renewable / Environment

OroraTech is the leading thermal-infrared data intelligence company providing actionable insights for sustainable enterprises. Their leading Wildfire Intelligence Solution is used by customers across six continents protecting more than 170 million hectares of forest.

Vitamate, Austria

Industry: Health Care

Vitamate is a digital nutrition coach that helps you achieve your health goals and provides recommendations based on your unique needs. You can track your progress and see results over time, whether you want to improve your overall health or prevent disease.

Plasmics, Austria

Industry: Hardware / IoT

Plasmics is an Austrian startup focused on developing the next generation of 3D printing solutions. Their goal is to create a global decentralized production using 3D printing and AI quality control for small organizations and consumers.

Menu Del Día, Spain

Industry: Food / Beverage

Eat like a local in any city. Discover restaurants and view real time menus updated daily with their platform.

Innerspace GmbH, Austria

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Innerspace has developed a novel analysis method “Frame-by-Frame Risk Profiling” that will create the most advanced database for process development and risk management in the life science industry. The data generated is up to 100 times more detailed than the current industry standard of analytical methods and therefore much more sensitive to process optimization and “hidden risks” that can have serious consequences for product quality and thus patient safety if not identified.

Leeaf, Czech Republic

Industry: Health Care

Empowering fertility treatments, Leeaf is a research-based and data-driven female health platform that transforms the assisted reproductive journey by delivering truly personalized fertility treatment recommendations to physicians and patients.


Industry: Fashion

WEARFITS is creating the Digital TAG — a global cloud platform for managing 3D assets and product information. It utilizes AR/XR and ML technologies, which enable our digital tools to improve online sales and reduce the return rates of apparel, footwear, and accessories.



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