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The Global Conference Startup Exhibition is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited to showcase some of the most innovative startups. With 145 startups exhibiting from 39 different countries, this year’s exhibition promises to be a melting pot of cutting-edge ideas and revolutionary technologies.

Of these startups, almost half are from the United States, reflecting the country’s thriving entrepreneurial landscape. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top US startups exhibiting at the conference and the exciting ways they are changing the world.

Zen Sleep

Industry: HealthCare

Zen Sleep is the Noom / Modern Health for sleep. They work with employers, payors, and partners to help their constituents build better sleep backed by the proven science of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia.


Industry: E-commerce

Thr1ft is a marketplace that makes the hunt for high quality fashion easier. They aggregate secondhand & sustainable fashion from stores, sellers and brands that exist online into one seamless shopping experience.


Industry: Logistics / Supply Chain

Senpex is a last mile Logistics Solutions for E-Commerce (Marketplace & Online Ordering Platforms). It can help you scale your coverage in multiple states with AI-based innovative solutions like Senpex API, Routes Optimization Tool, & In-House SaaS.


Industry: Information Technology / Services

Parchment is a software company, who is building a new desktop for the computer by combining the best of internet and local experiences.

Pelorus Health

Industry: Health Care

Pelorus Health helps caregivers and their children with type 1 diabetes transition to independent health management through health monitoring tools, education, and community support.

Strike Graph

Industry: Cybersecurity

Strike Graph’s compliance operation and certification platform offers an easy, scalable, and efficient way to achieve compliance — from SOC 2 to ISO 27001 to GDPR and beyond.

Ranae Wellness Company

Industry: Wellness / Fitness

Ranae Wellness Company is eliminating the confusion and stress that comes with taking control of our health by offering a highly personalized wellness coaching and shopping care experience.

Transition Squad USA

Industry: E-commerce

Transition Squad is a full service downsizing franchisor for seniors with a proprietary online auction platform that offers DIY and managed services through online auctions, estate sales and consignment.

Xponent Power

Industry: Renewable / Environment

Xponent™ Power is a disruptive renewable energy company whose key innovation is a patented, ultra-compact, sensor-enabled, intelligent retractable solar technology platform that can be mounted on any surface, enabling solar deployment in applications where no roof space is available.

Sunny Solutions

Industry: Consumer Goods / Services

They produce a gadget in the form of a robot. This Robot is designed for personal use or shared use by 2–5 people. It allows performing part of the work that a person does. Specially trained operators are ready to connect through the robot to solve more complex professional tasks.

Tengri Tech Corp

Industry: AR / VR

They are creating virtual showrooms for home builders by turning 2D floor plans into 3D tours. It provides virtual showrooms for real estate developers so they can present what they are building before the construction is done.


Industry: Health Care

SMARTCharts is a web-based application that automates clinician documentation and facilitates communications via visualization in speech, occupational and physical therapy. It is a patient-first, clinician-driven productivity app serving care teams in speech, occupational and physical therapy.


Industry: Logistics / Supply Chain

Saas Delivery orchestration platform that connects brands and delivery partners, and digitalizes last-mile delivery processes towards more orders generation.

Somavedic Technologies

Industry: Wellness / Fitness

Somavedic is an always-on, rest and recovery frequency therapy device that harmonizes our bodies. Its field has therapeutic effects on our cells, which manifests in improved sleep, cellular regeneration, energy levels, and productivity.

QuickLoadz Intermodal Robotics

Industry: Logistics / Supply Chain

QuickLoadz is new hardware that automates the movement of 90% of the world’s freight. It is the only company in the world which has developed a fundamentally better way to physically move those containers.

Bettor Vision

Industry: Sports

They found that too many avid sports fans waste valuable time checking multiple apps to track the performance of all their traditional fantasy matchups, daily fantasy contests, and sports bets.

Bettor vision is a free mobile app that aggregates those accounts to allow consumers to have a better view of all their accounts and contests in one place. We provide an easily digestible dashboard for a quick high-level summary of performance as well as more detailed views for price comparison, research, and analysis to ensure consumers are getting the best deals and making better, more informed decisions.

iSportz Inc.

Industry: Sports

iSportz is a scalable, end-to-end Sports Management and Engagement Platform helping organizations of all sizes grow and thrive by creating a more connected global sports ecosystem.


Industry: AR / VR

EducationXR is an immersive training and education platform technology that addresses creation, deployment, and distribution of immersive content to all phones, tablets, desktops, and VR headsets. Content created with EducationXR is automatically multiplayer and users can connect together remotely regardless of device and regardless of location.


Industry: Education

Spikeview is the next-gen portfolio builder that is enabling the global youth community to lean in on their multidisciplinary expertise to forge a pathway to success.

CEEK Metaverse

Industry: Blockchain

CEEK VR is a metaverse platform that connects creators with their fans in virtual worlds through NFTs, virtual events and unique experiences; allowing music artists, sports teams and influencers to gain new sources of income. CEEK is the in-world utility token for the CEEK Metaverse featuring the likes of Dwayne Wade, Lady Gaga and Bon Jovi.


Industry: Marketing / Advertising / Sales

MEPA is the newest marketing and advertising platform to transform the way we share ad content. It’s app allows users to swipe on advertising content (promotions, deals, coupons, events, etc.) in a set radius to support optimal local discovery.


Industry; Design / Graphics

Mavity connects businesses with distributed creative teams through an automated project-manager-as-a-service tool and collaboration platform.

Corporate Traveler

Industry: Travel

Corporate Traveler is a powerful travel tech + human support that specializes in travel arrangements for startup companies.

HR Geckos

Industry: Human Resources

HR Geckos is a cloud-hosted AI-powered HR Operations platform that automates all HR tasks and business processes. They cut down the time and resources to provide HR services making HR as agile as a gecko.

Wisdom Medicine

Industry: Health Care

Wisdom gives women with autoimmunity and hormone issues personalized functional medicine care from a doctor and nutritionist for $175 / month. It is a Women-centric functional medicine care for hormone & autoimmune issues.

Mishka AI

Industry: Consumer Goods / Services

Their platform helps toy manufacturers produce connected plush toys at low retail prices. With subscription-based content updates, they support parents on their mission of raising happy kids.



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