VR, BioTech, and Social Impact Startups on Accelerate: 24 Startups to Watch

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Jun 24 · 9 min read

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When you break down all the unnecessary barriers to networks and resources, social impact founders and their philanthropic missions can thrive. Our team is honored to support and feature these startups at our upcoming Europe Conference this year. Is anyone else hearing One Day More in their heads? Just us? As we are teaming with anticipation, we’re excited to share our final list of 24 startups in 15 different industries that are part of our Accelerate Program for the Conference.

Congratulations to all founders and teams selected for our 2021 Accelerate Cohort. Are you into VR, Gaming, Social Impact, or BioTech? Then come take a look through some of these amazing startups and make sure to get your tickets for a closer look.

Modus Health has earned its way into being the gold standard for activity monitoring. Their patented technology known as StepWatch has been validated in over 500 peer-reviewed studies as the most accurate activity monitoring device for impaired and real-world walking. How many steps are in a victory lap? Take one and get back to us Modus Health.

Glints is Southeast Asia’s largest talent platform for career development and recruitment. Their platform helps other startups build great teams, but they also add to the talent pool by preparing youth from low-income groups for careers in startups. What makes Glints different is their focus on those dealing with social impact projects. Since 2013, they have helped over 36,000 companies in their venture to build better teams.

If you’re anything like the rest of the world, you probably have somewhere in the ballpark of 37 tabs open on your browser. Stack is creating a web browser for people who want their internet time to be efficient and organized. Their browser includes creative features like tiles and cards that allow you to have a visual on multiple pages at once. “It’s not about Stack and what it can do. It’s about you and what you can do with Stack”- their motto.

Special education and remote learning tools for digital environments are vital resources that sadly many children still struggle to obtain. Otsimo is democratizing access to special education through its leading game-based learning app, teaching children core skills vital for their cognitive and behavioral development. Otismo has developed over 50+ educational games and created a free open source AAC communication tool for nonverbal children in different languages.

The word Volkatu is a fusion of two concepts: the poetic term volta meaning a sudden emotional change + otaku the Japanese term for an obsessive fanbase, most commonly found within manga, anime, and gaming communities. The lean technology-driven production studio delivers premium cross-platform gaming content to a global audience, bridging the gap between two multi-billion dollar industries: Hollywood and Gaming.

GORODATA is an AI-powered Sales Intelligence platform that finds B2B Buying Signals — insightful and useful information to power sales — from an otherwise overwhelming amount of data available online to increase conversation rates.

Be honest, are you slouching over your keyboard while reading this? If so, then this is a startup for you. SwiftMotion builds software for occupational health risk assessments, both office and industrial. Their tools help reduce pain and ergonomic injury risks that could occur from office-based workstations as well as those at home.

ONO is an application for farmer produce, enabling insight into wholesale prices and factors affecting distribution speed in real-time. Based on geographical coordinates, their platform uses AI/ML to enable price predictions in nearby markets, provide real-time notifications, thereby allowing farmers to act fast and make better purchasing decisions. By giving farmers access to better data, Ono empowers farmers to run more efficient business operations for our long-term societal gain.

The infamous supervillain Thanos once said that “reality is often disappointing.” While we at Startup Grind might not totally agree with that, we do know that VRJAM is creating new innovative immersive experiential standards in the virtual reality arena. Check out VRJAM to find out how they can take you to a music festival from your own living room.

Speaking of virtual reality, Momenry is an augmented reality social platform that enables users to relive memories by storing their favorite moments in family home portraits. Momenry offers consumers and businesses the ability to view and bond digital content with physical print in three simple steps with little effort, all while being cost-effective for anyone wanting an augmented reality experience.

Neurofeedback has been scientifically proven to be a powerful tool that improves the overall health of your brain including improving memory, sleep quality, and reducing stress and anxiety. Neuphony brings the benefits of neurofeedback to the comfort of your home with the help of a headband and mobile application.

Do you find it hard to cope with stress? uMore is an AI-powered mental well-being tracker that helps you build positive habits, change behaviors, and share progress with family members and physicians. Their tool is like a FitBit but for your well-being.

Advantis assists physicians to achieve a more timely and accurate diagnosis of severe human pathologies. Their team is developing a series of high-end and web-based medical imaging software applications. For those in the Health Care Industry, we highly recommend checking them out.

Best suited for small companies, Oraroo is a cloud platform for employee process automation. Such systems are usually expensive for small companies to implement because they require technical know-how and are not easily integrated with their outsourcing partners. Oraroo seeks to change that by focusing on affordability, user experience, management visibility, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Phasegrowth offers a navigation software tool that helps logistics providers improve route planning using a mix of weather, physical environment, and location data. If you’re wondering how this navigation company is able to go the distance, then come check them out at our Europe Conference!

FREIGHTPLAT provides the first professional social network in the logistics sector which makes any kind of shipment easier. It serves the global transport market worldwide with an e-help platform that offers actual loads and cargo, online booking, live chat with direct customers, GPS tracking, as well as support promoting your company in a powerful social network setting.

Pathloom is reimagining the way people access the outdoors by building the first all-in-one app for outdoor discovery and trip planning. It can be so easy to forget about the massive amount of outdoor activities all around us. Pathloom is a great reminder that there are plenty of trails to blaze and memories to be made as soon as you step outside.

Welcome Walks is looking to create unforgettable travel experiences by connecting people, destinations, and technology. They accomplish this through three main products; walking tours, armchair journeys, and school tours. These products, and our unique platform, provide customers with the ability to experience and interact with their favorite destinations in person, or in the safety and comfort of their own home.

Smart Wearables is a community for small & medium-sized smart wearable developers to build, buy and sell their products. In a marketplace that is innovative and creative, it’s about time for small-scale operations to have a marketplace for their products and ideas.

The Menu Del Dia app began as an easy way to help a group of friends easily decide where to eat. Their service is as easy as using your location to find menus of restaurants in your area and can be used alongside filters so you only see the options you want, like vegan, vegetarian, or lunch specials for your next meal option.

Do you consider using Artificial Intelligence out of reach or too difficult to grasp? Clearly, it’s powerful and revolutionary, but does that mean it’s also out of reach for innovators like yourself? PurpleDye is working on the ultimate AI platform that will allow people with little to no knowledge of engineering to have access to AI tools that will improve their businesses through the use of a simple drag and drop tool.

FrontPay is a Pakistan-based Paypal alternative that provides online payment processing using various channels. It allows customers to generate payment invoices, create instant payment links, manage customers, Finances, and request payments easily from across the world with few taps.

Vector Space Technologies is an AI platform that helps enterprises build confidence in their users by measuring user behavior based on personality traits. They can also facilitate the adoption of the latest cloud technology to improve security, reliability, manageability, and automated application deployment.

When your mental health is at a low point, it can be difficult to admit that help is needed. Fortunately, Superpow is a video therapy app for mental health that uses AI to find matches between users and therapists, in the most inclusive way. Superpow makes it easier than ever for people who are struggling with mental health issues to get the help they need.

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