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Which Startups Will You See in London?

The annual Startup Grind Europe Conference is quickly approaching and we are now under a month away from getting our startup community together and welcoming our newest batch of startup exhibitors from over 30 countries.

With the vast number of applications in both the Grind and Growth categories, our Startup Program team has finally selected the 100 most qualified and competitive startups across 23 leading industries.

From finance to healthcare, from fashion to cybersecurity, you can expect these driven entrepreneurs to showcase incredible disruptive solutions using SaaS, blockchain, AI, IoT, VR, mobile and much, much more.

Check out which industries our startups are coming from:

A Closer Look: Some of Our Distinguished Startups in Hot Industries

1. HealthTech

Medicspot is building a new type of primary care infrastructure using pharmacies as a distribution channel. This allows patients to get better access to on-demand high quality healthcare closer to their doorstep.

Otsimo is democratizing access to special education & speech therapy through its leading game-based learning apps, teaching children core skills vital to cognitive and behavioral development.

Apollo is the only clinically-validated technology to improve physiological resilience to stress so that people can regulate their energy without drugs and can get better sleep.

2. FinTech

Covering payments, compliance and risk management, Paybase provides a flexible solution for platforms, FinTechs and cryptocurrency businesses, allowing them to reach market with the business they want.

Wrisk sees the need for insurance to be connected to our lives, devices and to treat us as individuals. We’ve made insurance made so simple it’s almost unrecognisable. Buy, update and claim anytime, with immediate effect. Manage different types of insurance seamlessly through a single app and pay monthly through your mobile.

A new way to save, a new way to bank. Zuper is the AI-driven app that helps you make more out of your money.

3. Software

AMPLYFI is on a mission to transform business intelligence and research. AMPLYFI’s core product, DataVoyant, harvests millions of documents from the surface and the deep web (industry reports, academic papers, government documents etc.) on any subject of interest. DataVoyant then reads, analyses and interprets the full text to identify key topics, organisations, people, locations and trends. Put simply, AMPLYFI empowers organisations to make data-driven decisions based on knowledge, not opinion.

Lexical Labs is developing an AI-enhanced virtual lawyer to negotiate contracts alongside our customers. It reviews inbound contracts, finds issues, suggests solutions, and makes amendments.

Let’s Enhance is an online tool that turns low res images into beautiful high res content in seconds time using AI.

Grind & Growth Top Startups Take the Stage

In addition, the top 28 Exhibiting Startups from the Startup Program (20 from Grind + all Growth startups) will have the opportunity to pitch on our Europe Conference mainstage in front of hundreds of attendees as part of Accelerate.

Accelerate is Startup Grind’s invite-only community designed to give fast-growth startups from across the world the tools + resources they need to accelerate their business. As well as pitching, Accelerate benefits at the conference include: a dedicated day of roundtables and workshops with selected investors and coaches, curated investor meetings, panel participation, and nomination for the Europe Conference “Europe Startup of the Year ” Award. Accelerate startups will also receive year-round proactive support in the form of:

  • Curated Investor and Partner Matchmaking
  • Exclusive Partner Offers
  • Exclusive Webinars & Coaching
  • Featured in a blog post on Startup Grind’s Medium publication and a variety of other media channels
  • Free attendance to Startup Grind events in your city
  • Fast-track access into the Startup Exhibition at the next Conference

More to Come

Keep an eye out for our next announcement of the top startups that will be inducted into the Accelerate program shortly before the Conference!

Haven’t seen our list of Exhibiting Startups yet? Be sure to have a look at some of the most competitive startups you’ll see in Europe.

The Startup Program: The Gateway for Startups to a Global Community Platform

The Startup Program identifies fast-growth, high-potential, early-stage companies built by founders we think have what it takes to get to the next level.

We work with our community of more than 2 million entrepreneurs across 600+ cities, connecting, educating and supporting them throughout their journey. Our global network and community contribute to the Startup Program’s awesome exhibitions at our flagship conferences in London and Silicon Valley where all startups get the opportunity to showcase their amazing companies. We develop strategic partnerships with brands, governments and organizations looking to reach startups and provide resources to this highly curated community. Whether you are bootstrapped, have raised a seed round of under $3 million (Grind) or are growing past $3 million and Series A (Growth), we have options for you. Exhibitors will receive onsite branding, social media coverage to over 2M followers, full access tickets to attend ongoing panels and much more.

The 2019 Startup Grind Europe Conference

The Startup Grind Europe Conference (June 6, 2019 in London) is the event for startups everywhere. #SGEurope provides an environment unlike anything else in Europe — where more than 3,000 entrepreneurs, partners, investors, thought leaders, and worldwide directors come together for one full day of dynamic networking events, meetings with investors, access to invaluable resources, and inspiration led by top CEOs and influencers and more. Join us to connect with the largest startup community in the world.

If you’re a startup founder, working in a startup, or looking to cultivate relationships with startups, get your tickets now and join us in London. It’s the place to be!

Thank you to all of the applicants and congratulations to our selected exhibiting startups. We can’t wait to meet you!




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