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Why Your Startup Needs A Code of Conduct

Produced by Startup Grind HQ

At Startup Grind, we believe in using our platform to be a force for good in the world. We do this by sharing the industry’s best-kept secrets, elevating exciting news in our Startup Membership, and connecting like-minded individuals at our events. A decade later, none of this would have been possible without first getting serious about what we believe in and what we are here to do.

At HQ, we strive to amplify diverse perspectives by sharing important stories and debates in order for our community to evolve and continually move forward. Now spanning 600+ Chapters across the world, we invite you to take a brief moment to register here to join the conversation at our DEI Summit. There is a lot to talk about and we cannot wait to hear from you.

Unsure of where to start when it comes to building your Code of Conduct? Check ours out here for a frame of reference. In our community, each of us is an ambassador for Startup Grind and reflects the organization and our values in our actions. Because of our community, trust is our most valuable asset, and it’s up to all of us to make sure that we continually earn that trust.

Earning trust and making authentic human connections is easiest in inclusive environments when all voices can be heard. The best way to foster this is to lead with firm direction with a clearly defined Code of Conduct. This approach to leading by example will etch together the underlying framework for your team to follow, encouraging them to think creatively, take bolder risks, while allowing them to truly embody that of a “self-starter”.

In addition to the Code of Conduct, a far-reaching Diversity Statement is an absolute must. These both act as a compass on how to best approach the job at hand, your customers, fellow teammates, and all other interactions that occur within an organization’s ecosystem. A strong Diversity Statement exhibits what your company is all about, how you see the world, what you value collectively, and what is crucial to truly symbiotic business relationships. This signals to future consumers and candidates exactly what you value, and what successes you can achieve together when your values are aligned and the goals are clear.

By setting company standards and fostering an environment of inclusion through a Code of Conduct and Diversity Statement, startups are able to better maintain positive relationships both within the company as well as with every person outside. No one wants to feel lost at work, or worse, that they aren’t trusted to make their own decisions. These guidelines are an opportunity to liberate employees and allow them the freedom to thrive. It seems that nothing can stop a business with strong objectives, and by defining and connecting these two, your company will only soar further, faster.

Through all of the above and more, we will continue to use our platform to demonstrate the importance and expectation of diversity and equality in this industry. We accept the role as a leader in the space — educating, connecting, and elevating startups and entrepreneurs of all types — recognizing and celebrating our differences, creating a more diverse and inclusive community for all.

As a reminder, you can view our Code of Conduct here. A decade later, we’re now able to pass these secrets onto you — so please share with your friends and family if you found it helpful!

Register here for your free ticket to DEI Summit ☝🏾




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