Why you’re not the Success you Want to be

If you’re willing to swallow your pride, look in the mirror and admit your guilt.

We all want to win the lottery.

But how many people even buy a ticket.

Everyone’s waiting to label the winners lucky, they don’t pay attention to the ten years that individual spent putting on the same numbers week after week, year after year.

That’s my definition of entrepreneurialism. Tedious consistency.

We see the success and to protect our ego against our own inadequacy we take solace in attributing others’ progress and growth to some extenuating circumstance.

The reality is that it takes a decade to become an overnight success.

It takes a relentless drive and determination to do something for nothing before you see any semblance of a reward. People want things to be handed to them and typically lack the unmerciful perseverance required to get something off the ground.

Everybody dreams — how many people are brave enough to chase them? How many people make things happen instead of expecting them to come along naturally.

So instead we stand back and claim we are victims of the system. Life happens and other people will sneak ahead of us in the que. ‘Why does nothing good ever happen for me?’ we ask while doing nothing.

That is all too easy and convenient.

Stand up and be counted, nobody is going to invite you to the table. Reach out and forge connections. Implement ideas and drive progress, nobody is stopping you — except the limitations you impose on your own performance.

That is life.

We read about these obstacles and allow them to form themselves on our path.

The only obstacle in the way is yourself. If you learn to defeat your defeatist attitude you stand to summit the mountains in your dreams.

Life is about not even recognising the limitations and labels imposed on you involuntarily, it’s about rejecting the reality you believe you have been forced to inherit.

Instead, we remain and subject ourselves to a torturous existence for fear of the unknown.

  • You stayed in that dead end job too long.
  • You remained with that lover who was pulling you down.
  • You never committed to things fully for fear of failure knowing it would give you and excuse.
There are but two modes of life — action and inaction.

Only you can decide which path you will walk.

And we place too much importance in our credentials, we believe fancy letters after our name and prestigious universities enable or disable us from the pursuit of our future.

Never forget Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates never graduated.

Sure, you can use the fact two of the above went to IVY league universities if you wish, whatever helps you sleep at night. They still never graduated.

The reality is we place far too much stock in what other people have done.

Elon Musk flies rockets into Space and is no Rocket Scientist by any typical academic measure. He’s reinventing transport and digging holes to revolutionize cities.

We can become the experts we choose to be on any subject we choose.

You don’t need a degree to change your world.

Nothing beats picking up a book and reading about the things you love. Books have never ceased being a route to previously inconceivable volumes of knowledge. You only need to be willing to pick it up and read the next word — is that really too large a commitment?

By reading one hour a day, regardless of your perceived level of knowledge, you can become a world leading expert in any subject in 7 years. If you begin now, you could become a world leading expert in your chosen field in less than 10% of your lifetime.

Sure, you’ll have no formal academic qualification for your endeavour, but you’ll know more than 99% of college graduates, 42% of whom never read another book after graduation.

The route to finding the job of your dreams isn’t filling out application after application. The sooner you realise the job of your dreams doesn’t exist the better. Instead, focus on what you want to achieve and talk to the people who can assist you on your mission.

World class leaders won’t care you don’t have an academic qualification if you can prove yourself competent, knowledgeable and relentless.

I’d take a self-taught learner over a student who has learned the prescribed syllabus every single time.

So dare to dream. Imagine improvement of the products you use and do something revolutionary — tell the leadership in those companies how to improve their business.

They might ignore you, so what, the investment is ten minutes of your time.

If they do, you could be onto something. The key to progress is solving problems. That is the carousel of progress we are all on in life. If you don’t fix your problems who will?

The reward could be everything you ever dreamt of.

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