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Letter sent on Jul 18, 2017

Introducing — This New Economy

I started this publication to help share some of the collective stories and knowledge about startups and business. It’s helped me grow as an entrepreneur and I hope it’s helped you as well.

I wanted to tell you about a new podcast that I recently launched with the team at Rocketship.fm — This New Economy.

Everyone loves a good story. It’s part of being human.

Stories help us better understand the world around us, and to make sense of complex — and sometimes contradictory ideas.

This New Economy is a new podcast exploring humanity through the universal language of economics. That’s right, we’re exploring topics that are relevant to startups and anyone working in technology today and attempting to humanize them.

We just launched Season 1 and will be covering stories like:

  • Can Basic Income Save Us?
  • The Weird World of Fantasy Sports
  • Diversity in Tech
  • Did We Kill The Music Industry?
  • Achieving Greatness

My recommendation on where to start is The Untold Story of Books.com.

We go back to Cleveland Ohio in 1992. The birthplace of online commerce. That’s right. Cleveland Ohio. Not Silicon Valley, Not San Francisco. Not even Seattle Washington. This is the story of Books.com, the internet’s very first eC-commerce store and, its founder, Charlie Stack, a lawyer-turned-self taught software developer — and what happened when they created internet history, … and later, … faced a new entrant in Jeff Bezos and Amazon.com.

Listen to The Untold Story of Books.com here.

If you like stories about humanity, business and economics I’d love for you to check out This New Economy.

Thanks so much, and I hope you continue enjoying Startup Lessons Learned.

- Michael