Startup Life

Short insights on building startups.

How I’m hustling a $9 startup idea validation.

Building an early-user mob for Skim while being cheap! 

Some Background

I’ve always been a man with many hats. Hacker, Hipster, Hustler — I’ve done it all. The following is the story of how I’m trying to validate an exciting idea I came up with my partner in crime — Pritesh. It’s called…

Feeling like a loser, searching for answers & staying up all night to get lucky 

My Startup.

Here I am.

1.5 years ago my startup was going to die. I was more afraid than ever.

I owed my father around 15k, had convinced my sister and best friend to join and they were about to loose 15k each.

Biggest Mistake I Made in Business

Let me share with you the biggest mistake I made in business and what I learned from it.

Show Up

By Paul Jarvis

Do you want to know the difference between the folks who are constantly creating new things, selling their ideas as products and making money doing what…

Lessons in Creativity.

By Paul Jarvis

I’ve spent a decade and a half getting paid for creative work and running my own show (also called being a freelance designer). There…

Your Customers Have Problems, Not Solutions. 

Ever received a feature request from a customer? Maybe they were kind enough to include a solution or how they think the feature should work?

Startup Life
Startup Life

Short insights on building startups.

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