Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank For Beginners!

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Success Requires These Few Steps!

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clickbank affiliate marketing for beginners
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What you will learn from this article.

● The benefits of choosing Clickbank to start.

● Why do you keep failing with affiliate marketing?

● How long does it take to make money on Clickbank?

● Clickbank affiliate marketing requires bridge pages.

The benefits of choosing Clickbank to start.

Clickbank, in my experience, must be one of the “easiest“ ways to get started, especially when you’re a complete beginner. Because anyone can sign up for Clickbank, whether you have your own blogs and websites or not.

Clickbank also pays the highest commissions of all the affiliate networks I know, and trust me when I say, I am familiar with just about all of them. Clickbank pays 75% commissions and upwards.

No other affiliate network I know of pays that kind of commission. But there are also private affiliate networks, an article for another time though. This article serves an entirely different purpose because I still see a lot of people struggling to earn money online with affiliate marketing.

With this article, I just want to help you get started with Clickbank. But I also want to point out the pitfalls, and how to avoid all the potholes. We will however be covering that next, so keep reading.

Create your free Clickbank affiliate account HERE.

Above you can simply create your free Clickbank affiliate account. Be sure to select “affiliate” when signing up. You will notice the option for “vendor”, that is when you have your own digital products on Clickbank.

Let’s just leave that for another time, but with Clickbank, I am both an affiliate and a vendor. And you just gave me an idea, thank you! I should do a post on how to get your product (even an eBook) on Clickbank.

You also might want to read the Medium story below. Because there are rules when it comes to using Clickbank and Medium together. Medium is an excellent way to get traffic to your affiliate offers, but you must do it the right way.

Why do you keep failing with affiliate marketing?

Mainly because you might be trying to be a salesman and not a problem solver. That is the one huge mistake every beginner makes, chasing sales. I know because I did the exact same thing.

Affiliate marketing, with Clickbank or otherwise. This does not mean picking random products and then flooding every platform on Earth with raw affiliate links.

Especially when you’re just getting started, or even when you have been going at it for a while. In my opinion, the best ways to get traffic to your affiliate links without getting suspended, blocked, or banned are listed below.

The point is that these are URLs that are accepted everywhere without getting in trouble. Because these links are also indexable in search engines, whereas raw affiliate links are not.

Medium Stories.

LinkedIn Articles.

Your Blog.

Your Website.

Your Email List.

Bridge Pages.

But please, especially with Medium and LinkedIn. Read and understand their rules and policies around promoting affiliate links in articles. Read every word, but more importantly, understand what you read.

Admittedly, as English is not my home language, I often have to look up the meaning of words, so I can understand the context. I strongly suggest you do the same if you and I are in the same boat there.

Most newbies are posting the repetitive “make easy money”, “make money quick”, “make money in 24 hours”, etc. You have seen all of those, I am sure. While any professional affiliate marketer will tell you there is no such thing.

Your content must do the talking, so much so that your reader gets so curious that they cannot wait to check out the affiliate product. Without ever having to sales pitch anyone. When your content solves a problem, not only do you create curiosity, but you also build trust.

If you want to succeed with affiliate marketing, then become a problem solver, not a salesman. Offer a solution relevant to your affiliate product, after you have properly tested the affiliate product by actually purchasing it. That is how you offer value and avoid the hot air and fluff.

If you sell affiliate products that do not work, word will spread. If you sell affiliate products that live up to their claims, people will also talk. What would you prefer people talk about when mentioning you? Just a thought…

Allow me to use this exact same Medium story as an example. I am explaining Clickbank to you. And how to make money and earn commissions. Long story short, at the end of the article in the footer area.

I am providing you with the bridge pages you need if you do not have your own blogs and websites. Heck, even if you do have your own sites, these bridge pages are genius designed, I know because I use them myself. And their URLs are accepted on all major social networks!

See how this works? Offer solutions and guides with your content, solve problems and relate to your audiences. Because before there will be any sales, first there must be trust!

Earn your audience and reader’s trust, that is where your sales come from. Sales do not come from sales pitches. Sales come from trust and recognition because there are way too many “professionals” and “gurus” these days!

Just plug into what’s already working and forget trying to reinvent the wheel! This is a done-for-you commission solution. You get the offers, the promo pages, and the traffic. Just plug in your affiliate details and you’re good to go! — Source

How long does it take to make money on Clickbank?

As much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, I will never lie to you. And from experience, I can tell you, especially when you’re just getting started. It is NOT going to happen in a few days, weeks, or months.

There is only one way to link a time frame to that question. “It will take as long as is necessary!”. Because with any means of making money online, it is all about recognition and trust before sales.

Unless you have a couple of thousand dollars lying around for paid ads, provided you know exactly what you’re doing with paid ads. If not, you will be wasting your money so let’s not go there just yet.

Product research plays an important role, along with interest and GEO location targeting. Know the product that you are planning on selling by actually purchasing and testing it. It is a time-consuming process.

You want to choose from the Clickbank marketplace only a few products, directly related to the content you plan on creating. But there are a few things you want to pay attention to.

Product Domain.

Recurring Billing.

Testimonial Videos.

Review Videos.

When the product has a hosted domain, it is more likely to be around for a long time. If it has not been around for a long time already. But that often also means a high gravity, meaning quite a bit of competition.

Recurring billing is what we call a “consistent passive income”. Because with every recurring renewal payment, you get paid. This is why it is important to choose products that will solve problems.

Do not forget to check testimonials and review videos about the product you intend to promote. People might be checking on that, and if the reviews and testimonials say it is fluff, then you will be wasting your time.

Offering quality will shorten the time it takes you to make money on Clickbank. Take the time, do the research, and provide your audience with what they are looking for. Solutions to problems.

Clickbank affiliate marketing requires bridge pages.

You will need what we call “bridge pages”. A bridge page serves one primary purpose, redirecting to another link, your affiliate product. As with Medium stories and LinkedIn articles you need bridge pages with indexable URLs.

There are two options I know work best for you if you have basic web design skills and a bit of creativity. You can create your own free bridge pages, but you will still need to drive traffic to them.

Canva One Page Websites.

Google Sites.

You create a single bridge page for every individual affiliate product you intend to promote. Basically, a simple one-page website, redirecting to your affiliate offer. These links mentioned above are also social media friendly.

Traffic is the one brick wall we all hit when we get started with affiliate marketing. And also the point where most beginners decide to give up because getting quality free traffic is no easy task.

My solution and a tool I still use, you will have access to soon. If you are not up for the whole website design exercise, then this is for you especially.

Because these are bridge pages or rather “affiliate campaigns” that integrate automatically with Clickbank. All you have to do is enter your Clickbank ID if you signed up through the link provided under the first subtitle of this article.

Below is your access to these affiliate campaigns or “bridge pages”, which also include free traffic methods. They help you get free traffic to your campaigns, which is why, after testing this.

I know it will solve your problem and get you to make some money with Clickbank. As I mentioned earlier, you should purchase and test what you intend to promote. I practice what I preach, I can assure you.

This DFY system with built-in high-quality traffic is ready-to-go right out of the box, so all you do is add your affiliate ID. Making it the fastest way to start earning commissions with Clickbank! — Source

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Some links in this post are links to affiliate offers. If you visit them to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is entirely up to you. All offers come with a full money-back guarantee!

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