Warrior Plus Affiliate Marketing For Newbies!

Warrior Plus Affiliate Marketing Can Sometimes Be Challenging!

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affiliate marketing with warrior plus for newbies
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What you will learn from this article.

● Why Warrior Plus can seem complicated.

● This is where every affiliate marketer gets stuck.

● The right way to do affiliate marketing.

● Earning commissions with Warrior Plus.

Why Warrior Plus can seem complicated.

Let me guess, you have been trying to “get in” with Warrior Plus but it didn’t go well, right? I know, because I too struggled to get started with Warrior Plus because the requirements are a little different from Clickbank.

Among other requirements. I think the three requirements where most beginners get stuck are as mentioned below. Making Warrior Plus a little more challenging to get approved as an affiliate, than Clickbank for instance.

Having your own hosted domain.

Providing proof that you have generated sales before.

Getting approved before you can promote.

With Warrior Plus, your commissions are paid via PayPal or Stripe (I Think). Actually, I just logged into my Warrior Plus to make sure, however, I already have an account set up and cannot access the payment options it would seem. I am however getting paid through PayPal.

Where with Clickbank you can link just about any payment option you prefer, even receiving a cheque. Personally, I prefer using Payoneer, which is an excellent payment option for affiliate commissions.

Admittedly, I find that Warrior Plus products, in my opinion, are better presented. They tend to be a bit more convincing in their presentations with proof. But it still is a bit more difficult to get approved as an affiliate.

Just like Clickbank, you can create a free affiliate account with Warrior Plus. Although once approved, you will still have nothing to promote. It is easy to choose products from the Clickbank marketplace.

With Warrior Plus, however, and as mentioned above. You must apply to get approved to promote Warrior Plus products. So, it is a more time-consuming exercise that way to make money with Warrior Plus.

It is well worth the effort though because you might find a little less competition. With Clickbank, anyone can promote products, making it a bit more challenging to stand out and get recognized.

Those I think are the two main differences between Clickbank and Warrior Plus, apart from the payment processor options. But both are two excellent affiliate networks to make money with affiliate marketing.

This is where every affiliate marketer gets stuck.

In a word, traffic. But getting traffic is the easy part. Getting high-quality traffic that buys from you, now that’s a whole different ball game. This is connected to recognition and trust.

Before you can really promote anything, you need to build up your own audiences online. That is if you want to build a free high-quality traffic empire. Below are some sites where you build the most responsive audiences.

Medium (Stories and Publications).

LinkedIn (Groups and Articles).

Facebook (Groups and Pages).

Twitter (Multiple Profiles).

Reddit (Sub-Reddits).

Quora (Spaces and Answers).

You will need to create all these profiles, groups, pages, spaces, sub-Reddits, and answers. Because that is how you build your own online audiences, get recognized, and gain your audience’s trust.

The quality of your content is what makes the “magic” of sales happen with affiliate marketing. Throughout all these gigantic sites, you must maintain consistency and quality.

Consistency with posting, writing, and engaging with your audiences. The only way you are going to get noticed is to be present, success is not just going to happen out of the blue all of a sudden.

One thing, among other things that all super successful marketers have in common. Is the fact that they all have their own large and responsive audiences online, and THAT makes a huge difference I can assure you.

First, you focus on how much you can learn so you can offer value. Then determine what your audience is looking for. And then you must present the right content, to the right visitors, at the right time.

Quora and Medium are great ways to boost your affiliate offer views, but there are rules. More importantly, it is a content marketing strategy which requires certain steps. You might want to read more about that below.

When you follow the simple step-by-step instructions, you’ll have you first campaign up and ready to make money in less than 10 minutes! I’ll host everything for you, so you don’t have to worry about buying a domain, hosting, or anything else! — Source

The right way to do affiliate marketing.

Apart from all the work just mentioned with building your own audiences, you must establish what they are looking for through engagement. This is also known as identifying a common need.

The right way to do affiliate marketing comes down to a few simple steps, but “simple”, does not necessarily mean “easy”. There is a lot of work that goes into affiliate marketing, long before you start selling.

Establish Your Profitable Niche.

Build Your Own Audiences.

Find A Common Need.

Offer The Right Solution.

Creating Bridge Pages.

Professional Presentation.

These are all the steps you need to complete before you start promoting any affiliate offer. Be it Clickbank, Warrior Plus, or any other affiliate network for that matter.

But more importantly, you must have enough knowledge about your profitable niche to offer better content than your competitors. In other words, you must come up with better solutions, related to the affiliate products you wish to promote.

Kind of like what I am doing with this Medium story, telling you how to build an online network and make money with Warrior Plus. And then offer the solution to your problem in the article footer area.

Earning commissions with Warrior Plus.

I have to admit that I find it “easier” to generate sales with Warrior Plus than Clickbank. Because of the competition, that would be my first guess. Warrior Plus products are more likely to be something “new”.

But as with any affiliate offer, we are back at the bridge pages because you never redirect to an affiliate link directly. Not only will that often be seen as spam, but it is also just not professional.

There are two ways of creating bridge pages completely free because a bridge page is simply a one-page website. This can easily be done through the two options mentioned below.

Google Sites.

Canva One-Page Websites.

But just in case you’re not up to the whole web-design part of things. I have just the “thing” for you. But what I have also includes free traffic to your ready-made Warrior Plus affiliate campaigns.

Below you have access to a site with ready-made bridge pages, or rather affiliate campaigns automatically integrated with Warrior Plus products. Yes, I am using these exact same campaigns because I am a member.

When I tell you that purchasing and testing a product before promoting it, then it also means I practice what I preach. Therefore, allowing me to offer solutions that I personally know will work. Based on personal experience. It requires only 3 steps from your side, the rest is automated.

You get 40 affiliate campaigns proven to make money. It only takes a few minutes to get set up! Just add your info with our 3-step system, and get your campaigns to start earning with Warrior Plus! — Source

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Some links in this post are links to affiliate offers. If you visit them to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is entirely up to you. All offers come with a full money-back guarantee!

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