Part 3: I Hid $90 In This Article For You

When I was in one of my earliest businesses, I used to chase leads all the time.

Here’s a typical day in my life, 2014: wake up, take a bus to a dying mall, prospect door to door every shop one by one, lunch, sales meetings, hit the next mall, continue door to door, schedule meetings, dinner, prepare proposals, confirm meetings for next day, crash, wake up, take a bus…

I could talk to 20 business owners in one day. Most of the time the reply I heard the most was “No.”

Tip #1: No one likes cold calling, door knocking, roadshows or any form of prospecting.

Tip #2: No one likes to get cold called, door knocked or any form of interrupted.

So stop doing pushy marketing.

Start selling the way you love to buy.

Here’s the thing about chasing… When you chase, people run. People don’t like to get chased.

Have you ever witnessed any premium brand chase after sales?

The only type of marketing that you need to consider is attraction marketing.

(Granted, this only applies to high priced, high profit businesses)

(If you’re not high priced, high profit, you will not last. Nothing can help you.)

Attraction marketing starts with reverse-engineering your target avatar’s attention — revisit part 2 if you need to.

The key word is attention. This is what the best marketers are able to execute on repeat— what get’s your target avatar’s attention?

If you understand this, you always win your competitors.

Think about it. When was the last time you loved receiving a flyer that was shoved in your face as you were walking at the MRT station?

But think again, how many of you are doing the exact same thing with your own products and services? When you spam messages on FB, or plain outright promote your stuff online?

It’s a humbling feeling, I know.

This is what my business idol Gary Vaynerchuk calls right hooks:

My favorite analogy to illustrate the difference between jabs and right hooks are cartoons from the 1980s. When the Transformers cartoon was on Saturday mornings, you would tune in and watch for free. You’d do the same with The Carebears. Or GI Joe. You’d watch the cartoons and not have to pay a dime. But when the movie or new action figure or toy came out, you went and paid for that. Cartoons were the jabs that pulled you in so you would then pay for the movie or toy.

Most of us just aren’t giving value BEFORE we ask for the sale.

What’s the perfect first jab? It’s a high value giveaway.

It guarantees you get your target avatar’s attention every single time. And it sets the scene for the perfect right hook later on.

Note the words: HIGH VALUE.

Too many giveaways now are NO value. Something another multi-millionaire mentor of mine likes to joke:

The best place to keep a secret is in a free e-book online.

Who’s seen dozens of free gifts like these? Free luggages, free e-books, free ‘consultation sessions’, free newsletters, free seminars.

The only problem is they stink of sales.

These kind of right hooks, you see them coming, so what do you do?

You dodge, every single time.

Listen: You want to make sure you’re giving away HUGE VALUE.

The thing you’re thinking of selling? I suggest giving that away.

Now you’re talking high value.

And don’t even think of selling at the giveaway. It’s a give away. Just GIVE.

Your prospect will love you for it.

All they have to give you in exchange for it, is their contact details. Name, phone, email.

That’s what people call a bait piece, lead magnet, opt in.

The whole point of the giveaway, is to get your prospect into your database, so you can market to them for free.

Because once you own their contact details, that’s what you have.

How much would you value a database of highly segmented buyers in your niche… that you could contact, again and again as much as you want?

It’s what you have to build for yourself.

And the high value giveaway is the first step. Here are some that I’ve noticed have been working amazingly well in 2016:

  • A competition with a mega prize (like, one person wins your entire product suite)
  • A 7 day challenge where you spend each day teaching your prospects in your niche (e.g. a 7 day funnel building masterclass)
  • A free physical book
  • Other physical products (people love real stuff)

If you’re still having difficulty coming up with one, you have to start thinking from your target avatar’s mind. Get in their shoes.

What are some frustrations they face? What’s their #1 fear? What do they really want, like right now?

How can you take something you already have… and give it to them, at no cost to you? But it’s something they really really value.

Got it?

P.S. If you got what I’m saying, you must have also gotten by now that the $90 in the headline was a joke, right?

P.P.S. It’s also what I value 10 minutes of my time, which is just one of many high value giveaways in my own business. 10 minutes to analyze your business and tell you the exact tweaks you need to make next week to double your revenue. Imagine that.

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